Jan 21, 2012

Beat Wireless Bluetooth Headset by Cdr-king

I was set to buy a Nokia BH-214 Bluetooth headset when I went to Cagayan de Oro City recently but unfortunately it wasn't available anywhere and since I badly need it a.s.a.p, I scouted for other brands and found this in Cdr-King, the Beat Wireless Bluetooth Headset.

The headset is a deal shocker, its cheap, it looks good and its warrantied. I wouldn't have brought it without the warranty specially that I have trust issues with brand-less or re-branded products from China. The headset cost only PhP750.00, thats about less than half of the BH-214's price of PhP1,750.00.

My impression after more than a week of used, not worth buying. First and foremost, it sound terrible with its supplied headphone that I have to buy an ear bud type headphone worth PhP595.00, secondly, the Bluetooth reception is worst that often times its chappy that the music dissipates, thirdly, it has a blue blinking lights in the middle that looks awkward when being used and last but not the least, battery life is unpredictable that I often end up powerless in two hour's time even after overnight charge. I really did regret buying the product, I hope Cdr-King would accept product returns by reason of non-satisfaction.

On the upside, the design is good, itS smallish and lightweight that you can clip it anywhere you want, it has a 3.5mm audio jack where you can attached any custom headphones you can find in the market, it has a micro charger port compatible to a Nokia charger so you can charged it using a Nokia charger, it connects to any Bluetooth device and it can be configured easily.

Full Specs includes:

Interfaces: Bluetooth V2.1 specification with EDR
Handsfree 1.5 and headset 1.1 profiles
Battery Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer
Talk Time: Up to 6 hrs.
Standby Time: Up to 100 hrs.
Clip style design
User-friendly interface
3.5mm audio jack
3 button design
Smart Buzzer: Tells you when you have an incoming call or lost of signal
Compatible: Windows 7, Vista, XP
Messenger: Yahoo, MSN, skype, Google Talk

To conclude, I would iterate my stand earlier, this is not a good buy if you want to value every cent of your hard earn money. Better yet, buy quality products that are well tested and well made, its a little pricey but very much worth-ed. I wouldn't mind looking for the Nokia BH-214 again or if none, the new BH-111 with NFC support.


Cdr-King is one of the best suppliers of accessories and gadget for phone. This Beat wireless bluetooth headset is like other bluetooth headset. Make sure that when you are purchasing a product always ask for warranty or receipt for in case you would like to return it if there's a defect.

We bought a headset in CDR King Cagayan de Oro December 26 when we were on vacation. This was for my niece. Worth 220 pesos.

We left CDO Dec 29 she used it during our trip via 2Go Ferry. Dec 30 one day before arriving Manila it suddenly broke in half almost at the middle. Per examination the material used was quite brittle.

As like most Headsets for cellphones they wear it around their necks if not used and placed on their ears when they want to use it. Thats what my niece was doing while she was sitting and using her laptop.

Since we were arriving late night Dec 31 we decided to file a complaint with CDR king branch in Montalban. We were informed that they do not give warranties for such breakage only the electronic side of the item.

Felt bad because although the product was cheap one would think it should have lasted more than a month or so. I pointed out that we bought a cheap webcam headset and its still useable. For the headset frame was that durable not brittle.

So I even talked with their head ofc. To be sure and certain Mark Lim w/c I spoke w/. I wanted to hear from him if they really do not provide warranty for the durability of the frame for their audio headset. Which at first he could not respond directly. But I insisted to answer the question. And so he confirmed and the warranty refers ONLY to the electronic side of the product.

So with that I decided to just fix it on my own with a a Bulldog strong adhesive and a flexible 4 in. long frame metal plate & same width as the headset to support it. And it did.

You know what happened? My niece tried it out the next part to give way was the side of the headset frame. The material of the frame was that brittle.

I intend to air this concern with DTI and in the internet forums so they can be wary before buying this type of headset.


Sorry bout that, buying products in CDR-King entails luck as well. :) Better learn from your experience and stop buying China products, got this included on my new years resolution.

I was set to buy a Nokia BH-214 Bluetooth headset when I went to Cagayan de Oro City recently but unfortunately it wasn't available anywhere ... ibeatsearbuds.blogspot.com

Bluetooth headsets can be helpful, specially when you're working out. I saw a wireless Bluetooth headset at goods.ph (https://www.goods.ph/x7-mini-lightweight-bluetooth-4-1-wireless-headset-19408.html) earlier and I'm thinking if I'm going to buy one.

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