Jan 23, 2012

Law 101: Bribery

What were going to discuss today is very much rampant in the Philippines, I believe almost all government workers or regular citizens are doing these consciously without knowing the consequences of such. In fact, its uncontrollable that it had become part of the system that it takes only a miracle to curtail, Bribery!

Are you the type of a public worker who asks for something in return for your work done or who expects something from anybody visiting your office?

Have you tried giving something to a person, in particular, government workers, for whatever reason? Let say, a treat to her or him as a gratitude of being able to act on your request fast, or say you want your request to be acted right away on top of everyone else, or you want somebodies request not to be acted upon, or he/she is your friend and just wanted to give her birthday or Christmas present?

Well, hold your horses ladies and gentlemen, both scenario is committing the crime of bribery under the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines.

The act agreeing to perform an act in connection with the performance his/her duty as a public officer, on consideration of any offer, promise, gift or present received, personally or through a mediator constitute the crime of Direct Bribery and shall be punishable with a penalty of 6-12 years imprisonment and a fine of not less than 3x the value of the gift. Not so much of a penalty in here, so better refrain from doing it or feel sorry.

Even the act of accepting s gift offered to him/her by reason of his office, without mentioned request by the giver will still be penalized with 6 months to 6 years. It’s called Indirect Bribery and nothing exempts anyone even if the public officer is your close friend or relative.

The act of giving gifts to any public officer is a crime of Corruption of public official which has the same punishment to that of officials, who committed Direct or Indirect bribery, meaning, you will be penalized and imprisoned up to 12 years.

Moral lesson of the story, before you give gifts, think thrice!




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