Jan 31, 2012

Share Places: Kiwi Swirl

If you happen to visit Cagayan De Oro City, never leave the metropolis without checking Kiwi Swirl, a local shop offering a one of a kind retail combination you never expected to exist. Figure this out, yogurt, kiwifruit, gallery, antiques, etc., all in one!

A cousin of mine brought me to the shop during my recent visit out of craving which is according to her, addictive in a good sense, the icy and sweet yogurt kiwi confectioner offered by Kiwi Swirl.

Well, I do agree agree that it tastes heavenly because of its tangible sourly zest making me day dream every time it touches my tough, but what interest me more is the antique store in the shop, I mean where and how in the world could you find such combination?

Maybe the owners were antique lovers at the same time dessert fanatics thats why they come up with the idea of combining both. I personally like it because the place will not only treat your taste buds but also your artistic sense. It makes me want to create an art masterpiece myself and I mean it literally, go see and judge it for yourself.

Kiwi Swirl is located in Don Apolinar Velez corner Gaerlean Street, Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines.

(Images were taken using Nokia N8)


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