Feb 9, 2012

The Nokia N8 Journal: Belle Connubiality First Impression

If there's two words that I'm proud to say to Nokia at the moment, it will be a simple Thank You, for giving its Symbian Anna users a beautiful and astounding software upgrade like no other in the world!

I was very wrong when I said the other day that the upgrade was merely aesthetic, it was also partly systemic since there were changes in some mechanism on doing stuffs. I fact, it was almost a new software that it took me several minutes to re-learn, discover and familiarize its features.

It gave me a wide grin on the face while trying it up for the first time, it was impressively fast and fluid, it respond to commands right away and open application without lags. The experience was 50x better than Anna with 100% satisfaction tagged along.

The new Homescreen implementation seals its delectable delight with its colorful and vibrant icons, useful and customizable widgets and additional Homescreen for easy navigating pleasure. I like the idea of smallish icons on the Homescreen, it makes the screen look bigger which would have also look as impressive when applied on the Menu but unfortunately, Nokia retained the big icons.

I can share everything all day long but I have to cut the blog post for now because I still need to discover a lot of good stuffs. Daily journal is up next, detailing every aspect of the new software, stay tuned for that, for now, enjoy this few screenshoots of my customized Homescreen.


The camera and video are outstanding and the web interface works fine to me, over all a great smartphone.

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