Feb 8, 2012

100MB Globe Postpaid Data Plan For 99.00 Pesos

Are you hook to mobile internet browsing or social networking on the go, fear not, you're just part of the millions of people around the globe who took mobile communication to the next level.

As I predicted two years ago, mobile internet has become very huge and will continue to grow bigger that it will surpass Call and SMS as the primary mode of communication. I even challenge telecom networks to come up with the best postpaid data plan back then and they did came out with several data plan packages but among the current ones, Globe Telecom offers the cheapest and the most reasonable to date with 100MB data for only Php 99.00.

If you may ask, how many webpage or hours of web browsing is equivalent 100MB of data? Well, Globe come up with a data calculator, 100MB is equivalent to either 4,500 posts on mobile social networking sites or 10,000 instant messaging and chat sessions or 330 emails with attachments or 500 pages of web browsing or 30 minutes of video streaming, among others, or the combination of the aforementioned. Not quite much actually but it fits best for social network users.

For instance, my normal monthly data usage is only 25.6MB and I've used Gravity to access all my social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare) like 20 times a day and posts just as many tweets or status I want, access all my emails via Nokia Messaging among others.

On the picture inset, I would have paid Php 1,141.81 on regular data rate but with the Data plan, I only have to pay Php99.00, thats more than a thousand peso savings! That's why I call it the most reasonable plan because users will just have to pay what they've used, or even so much lesser.

Well, I'm not also discounting on the possibility that the reason why I get less data usage was because of Gravity which has its own UI and browsing implementation and the capability of storing information and just upload recent ones, but hey, its a scenario thats favorable to users and that I'm happy to share about.

I personally recommend this data plan for users who loves to socialized on the go, open and update emails, chat and open browser links, other than the aforementioned, users will need a higher MB and data package or better yet they need the Unlisurf offers. This plan won't work for people who watch youTube videos, browse heavy websites or upload and download images or videos.

To apply for this service, you can either go to the nearest Globe Business Office or call there hotline.


Hello po,
Do we need to switch from TIME browsing to KB browsing? Or it will automatically count your first 100mb just like the PowerSurf.

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