Feb 7, 2012

Upgrade Your Symbian Anna Phones To Nokia Belle Now!

February 8, 2012 is THE day as tweeted, but the illusive Belle has arrived a day before the announced date here!

The upgrade via Nokia Suite is a huge 294MB and will last for awhile depending on your internet speed, but very much worth the wait.

So whats the big deal and why do I care so much about the upgrade? Well, its because the software will be the first real attempt of Symbian to level off the playing field, the least, in terms of sleekness in the User Interface and graphics implementation and thats after 6 years after iPhone!

Though the upgrade is more aesthetic than systemic, it will such be a huge relief to finally say, hey, Android, I can do that on my Nokia N8, and iPhone, you don't have this cool customization!

The upgrade is not systemic because the software will still have the same mechanism in doing stuffs, it could be though that its more stable than the previous or that its more speed efficient. I really need this changes on the software because my Nokia N8 is working sluggishly lately, like its not opening images as fast as it was before or perform tasks as swift as I could.

I had so much expectation for the new upgrade, hopefully it could suffice those. (Cross Fingers!)

What would my Nokia N8's marriage to Belle like? My first impression is up, stay tuned!


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