Mar 3, 2012

Nokia Belle: Why Now, Why Then?

Symbian's latest operating system modification was enormous, the change was so remarkable that it transformed the system to a whole lot more than what it was used to be; more better, sleeker, faster, responsive, usable, etc., giving a brand new and dynamic user environment to millions of users across the world.

I have to admit, I was so overwhelm by the update when I first tried it. Everything was more fun to do, the swiping, the Homescreen customization, the opening of apps, discovering new mechanisms among others. But like most of the mobilephone enthusiasts, I also asked myself why Nokia just came up with said update now, when the competition had already catch up and inflected damage to there worldwide sales, and also with the company's inevitable shift from Symbian to Windows Phone, why do they still care to bring Belle out or Donna or Carla in the future?

To expound the first why question, I believe it was more of leniency for the company. They never thought iPhone and the touch interface would succeed and so it was never part of their game plan. It was only three years ago that they begin to realized the scenario and started its touch development. Anna was the fruition of the said development and Belle was its progeny. Donna will be its mercenary and Carla its butcher.

On address the second why question, I think its more of giving due respect to a system that made them the leading mobilephone vendor in the world. Its development will definitely be stopped but not until it died naturally in 5 years time. Nokia also have to disprove a lot of critics and appease millions of Symbian fans around the world.

Critics were saying that Nokia is not capable of creating a breakthrough technology, they want to disproved that with Symbian's continues development. They also want to disproved that critics were wrong about Symbian being not good enough to compete with iOS or Android. They will bring back the respect and credit that was due to it, as one of the greatest.

On matters regarding Symbian fans, well, they don't want to loss a massive number of supporters, the very same who they wish to convince to cross to Windows Phone. The success of Nokia and Windows Phone collaboration is very much dependent on there Symbian followers.

On the other hand, Nokia also have to pushed its midrange and entry level phones to a new heights, so Nokia Belle and all its updates will take a big part of it. As Android pushed its way down to low end phones, Nokia needs to positioned its reliable ammo downwards to counter it until Windows Tango fully arrives.

So much had been said and done but the Nokia Belle update was a huge delay generally but would help Nokia a lot in the competition. I don't believe that they are shutting it down now, when they need it the most. It will come in due time, or perhaps not.


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