Jun 13, 2012

Does your iPhone stand against the Nokia Lumia 800?

Apple's iPhone might be the most popular high-end phone in the mobilephone space at the moment but can it hold against the Windows Phone running Nokia Lumia 800? Find it out in this 3 videos.

The first video shows Nokia Lumia 800 pitted against the iPhone 4 in finding the nearest cafe. Will it be the Nokia Lumia 800 with Windows Phone or the iPhone 4 that's left out in the cold? In the Apps challenge, the Wikitude app on Windows Phone shows how user can search location through Augmented Reality (AR) to reveal the hottest places to go.

The second video compares the Nokia Lumia 800 against the iPhone 4 in turn-by-turn directions. Find out where it end up as the Nokia Lumia 800 goes up against the iPhone 4 en route to one of London's top landmarks. The Apps being focus on the challenge is the Nokia Drive showing how users can access free turn-by-turn voice guided navigation.

Last but not the least, the Nokia Lumia 800 being held against iPhone 3GS in finding a nearby deal. Watch magician Marco Tempest dazzle with his Nokia Lumia 800 with Windows Phone apps as he goes head to head with an iPhone 3GS in the search for a nearby deal. The Apps challenge shows how the Groupon Live Tile delivers deals directly to the Start screen without having to open the app.


iPhone cable

I recently stumbled across HelixLoop. They say they are the world's Strongest and most versatile iPhone Cable, power and syncs iPhone and iPod while acting as a stand. Works great, I hope they start offering different colors soon. Anyone else know of anything else like this? Thanks.

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