Jun 15, 2012

Nokia’s Symbian 60 Remains the Number 1 Operating System in the Philippines

Symbian 60 remains undefeated when in the Philippines’s Operating System usage, that’s according to StatCounter Global Stats, a free online visitor’s stats tool that primarily measures internet usage trends. By following over 15 billion page views per month across their network of over 3 million website and analysing every page view using useragent strings, StatCounter could determine the browser and operating system used and including those that came from a mobile device. In other words, the counter only relies on web browsing rather than an individual device count but pretty much definitive as the usage trend seems reflective to the country’s physical landscape as majority of the people you see in the streets carries a Nokia phone.

A lot of factors play behind the result of course, it could be that the operating system is now being pushed towards entry level and mid-range that the mass market prefers to buy smartphone than pc or laptops to access the internet; or that Symbian is being used to a wide range of devices with district form factors and design fitting to individual needs; among the rest, but either ways, success reflects an efficient marketing strategy.

I also believe it’s difficult to defeat Nokia in a country where its populace grew with it. A lot of the prime users at the moment were born with a Nokia phone on their side, with a guaranteed satisfaction on devices and unwavering services offered, Nokia could stood the test of time.

But then again Nokia should not take its competitors into stride; they must be in front view of in creating new and breakthrough technologies. The strong filiation of Filipinos to the company could change as time passed by. They must protect this by creating devices that best address individualities and services that befits Filipino culture and tradition. Nothing is permanent in this world other than CHANGE!


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