Jun 17, 2012

Nokia 808 PureView, Pulled out in Stores?

It was just three days ago when online mobilephone shop CMK posted the availability of Nokia 808 PureView on their site, now they scraped it off the list foiling a claim that it is officially available in the Philippines.

My mind was in frenzy when I've read about its availability, in one side, of thinking of ways to scout for funds fast so I can buy myself one ahead of everyone else, on the other, of facing a reality that the phone is beyond impossibility, that I definitely can't raise that amount in a year or so relying on my salary alone. There can never be more crazier than these, mind you!

Anyways, back to the store, according to the SMS I received from them, the Nokia 808 PureView is temporarily unavailable because there supplier cannot get more units. Well, I want to believe that they run out of available units other than Nokia preventing them from selling it ahead of the July launched. Either ways, I still commend them from pressing an early availability, its should have been what Nokia had done with a super hot phone like Nokia 808 PureView, to make it available to the public a.s.a.p after announcement like other manufacturers does with there high end phones.


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