Jun 4, 2012

Panagatan, A Cagayan De Oro City Seafood Restaurant

Nutrients and minerals in seafood can make improvements in brain development and reproduction and has highlighted the role for seafood in the functionality of the human body, thats according to research over the past few decades.

Fish is thought to protect the heart because eating less saturated fat and more Omega-3 can help to lower the amount of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood – two fats that, in excess, increase the risk of heart disease. Omega-3 fats also have natural built-in anti-oxidants, which are thought to stop the thickening and damaging of artery walls. Regularly eating fish oils is also thought to reduce the risk of arrhythmia – irregular electrical activity in the heart which increases the risk of sudden heart attacks.

You can eat all your hearts out for seafood in Cagayan De Oro's premier restaurant, the Panagatan, situated along the coastline of Macajalar Bay, Opol, Misamis Occidental.


- Very accessible location, you can see the restaurant along the highway. It also have an ample parking space.
- The ambiance was superb, restaurant was along the coastline and built beneath a pristine sea waters. You can smell the warm and fresh sea breeze and enjoy the view.
- The place was very clean and spacious. You can hardly bump on somebody inside the resto. Comfort rooms were also very tidy.


- Food doesn't taste good. Of all the dish our group ordered, their was even no stellar one that stands out, they were all like regularly cooked and indistinguishable from other restaurants. Somehow they need to come up with a signature dish that could differentiate them from the rest.
- Foods were a bit expensive. You cannot find a dish below PhP200 pesos.
- Service was very, very slow, it took them almost an hour to serve all our orders. Of all the restaurants I've been to, there were like the title holder in terms of these aspect. I do hope they'll find the best way to cut customer waiting time.
- Garbage floating on the sea water. I hope they could fetched those off because it becomes an eyesore.

Well, people have different taste and liking, my opinion might be different from others and you might find this place ample for a calm and serine dining. Better check it out and see for yourself.

Comments welcome!


Panagatn Restaurant is Superb!!!Been to this restaurant on our visit to Cagayan de Oro and my family and I are so impressed with the ambience as well as the food. I would say that this is one restaurant that I sure will visit again:-)

I had the WORST dining experience with Panagatan today. I am by nature lenient and kind hearted but how we and some of the other guests were mistreated made a 360 degrees turn on my supposed reserved and kind nature.

It's mother's celebration and it was expected that the popular restaurant would be flocked in by people who wish to experience good and comfortable dining.

The problem? A long list. To a few:

1. There was total chaos. No one was attending to customers coming in and making sure they will be seated on a first come first served basis. The customers had to work their way into the crowded restaurant back and forth, our faces painted a picture of hunger and frustration. No one acted on the main problem.

Suggestion: You should position someone to entertain incoming guests and make sure they are welcomed. Even if seats aren't available yet, have them comfortably wait and assure them they will be seated soon. Then they can place their order so that once they're seated, food is ready; unless customer chooses otherwise.

2. Racial discrimination!!!! I noticed two groups with foreigner companions coming in amidst the many groups who hoped to find a vacant table. They were entertained and prioritized to be seated comfortably then their orders were immediately taken. For heaven's sake you don't do that. How dare you treat your Filipino guests much less special than these foreigners? Because you think they are more capable to order more or because your staff aren't trained well enough to entertain customer complaints coming from foreigners? Causes nosebleed?

Suggestion: Fix your service as a whole and surely you wouldn't even need to train your staff to face complaints.

3. No system in serving the pending orders and prioritizing the waiters' tasks. I don't understand why the waiters were busy setting up "reserved" tables for guests that were not yet there than attend to customers who have not been seated nor attend to a lot of pending orders.

Suggestion: Teach your staff what to prioritize. A sight of waiters setting up "reserved" tables while hungry customers watch in anguish is totally unacceptable!

4. No manager being on top???? I stood up many times to follow up our orders because the kids were really hungry. Who wouldn't? We waited for our food for almost two hours!!!!! The saddest part -- no one was checking on what was happening. There were two guys who they said were the managers but i couldn't say they served the purpose. They just roamed around like any of the waiters. When i followed up, they just said they will follow up our order but it took me 4 trips to them to get someone speak to me. Everybody avoided customers who followed up orders. Maybe if not because I was close to making a scene, i would be ignored still.

Suggestion: Plan out busy days and ensure you are ready to cater to the influx of customers. Otherwise, you better close! You want sales but you don't plan well how to get it.

I don't think I and my friends will visit this restaurant again and surely the same for a lot more dissatisfied customers. Are you aware about the "word of mouth" being the best advertisement or the the most potential reason your customers go to your competitors? If you don't take care of your customers, someone else will. Don't be complacent that you serve good food. Restaurants like yours are sprouting like mushrooms. Service is the name of the game now, whether you like it or not!

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