Jun 21, 2012

Windows Phone 8's Hype, Starts

A few days ago, leakers gave a few exciting tidbits on the upcoming Windows Phone 8, today at Windows Phone Summit in San Francisco, Microsoft and Nokia unveiled a few more marking the beginning of a long period ballyhoo of today's most electrifying Operating System in the mobilephone space.

It cannot be denied that of all the Operating System at the moment, iOS and Android have not move significantly forward, Symbian and Blackberry had substantial improvements but not enough to cause a stir, while the rest went stealth, Windows Phone on the other hand grew thrillingly giving the coolest and the most futuristic user experience of all. Hands down to the people behind the OS, a huge shift in momentum continues, all due to the unwavering hard work of people in Redmond.

Anyways, I love the new start screen among the rest of the new applications and services that Microsoft brought to the table. Nokia's new Marketplace apps on the other hand were promising like the digital Camera Extras that brings new possibilities to existing Lumia devices including panorama shots, a self-timer, Action Shot for capturing movement and Smart Group Shot for creating the perfect group shot from several different images; new features for Nokia Drive and Nokia Transport; and also pattern of updates like WiFi tethering and flip-to-silence, among the rest.

I just hope they were able to fixed few basic things as mentioned in my past articles. For instance, more customization like background image integration on the live tiles, theme system, integration of personal message alert tone, etc. I was looking also for DiVX support; elimination of Zune system's video conversion to WMV before it can be transferred to the phone; improvement of its less adjustable Music player with no option to create playlist directly to the phone; among others.

Anyways, looking forward to know more about Windows Phone 8, its shaping up to be the Operating to beat!


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