Jul 25, 2012

Nokia Store App: Cluedo, The Mobile Crime Scene Investigation

Mysteries, clues, crimes, these were just a few of my "sui generis" amusement. Kind of weird but I've always been interested on the world of thrills and mystifying stuffs, puzzles, issues, among the rest of the mind boggling scenarios that makes me quiver for answers and solutions. These are few of the reasons why the game Cluedo captured my attention on the long lists of downloadable applications on Nokia Store. Its a propensity by itself.

Game Setting and Story

The game starts with a murder at a Glamorous party. The main character here is a budding reporter who wants to solve the case by conducting his own thorough investigation. He needs to identify the culprit/s, the weapon/s used in the murder and the surrounding circumstances, be it aggravating, mitigating, circumstantial, among others.

How? The player will need to gather facts and substantial evidence's by talking to the characters and analyze their subsequent actions and reactions, among the rest of the must needed interactions. The player will also need to gather vital objects and indetify the best possible weapon/s used in the murder. Aren't these interesting or not?


The characters of story of course revolved around the people present in the party, they were socialites, businessmen, sexy women, regular workers among others. Players have to scrutinized them one by one to established their innocence or guilt.

The main character will also be gauge as the game progress from a mere intern to a full pledge reporter. So far I'm still on the intern stage without a benefit of doubt.

Difficulty level

Fairly Difficult, the game was mind boggling, analytically challenging and skilfully requiring. Its no less than a murder case that you need to solve with lots of elements involved. Basic instructions and guides were given though at the start of the game but not quietly explained that it took me sometime to figure things out.

You also don't have to worry if the game cannot be cracked easily, it was designed that way.

Graphics and Animation

Sub par, in fact, the game doesn't even had much of these aspect. What users can see were images with overlay character graphics that they can interact. There were even no moving characters on the game. It was too simple that you get bored easily unlike the most eye catching and 3D-riched games in the market. The game was simply too bland.

Overall Rating (1 Highest – 5 Lowest): 3

The game was generally average, yes it was interesting and challenging to play specially when your starting to discover places, gather objects of interest and meet characters that you would want to play all day long but it wasn't visually attractive. Even with a good plot and mentally accosting scenario, the makers choose a basic gaming approach making the image overlays annoying at times with its long and dragging conversations and instructions. I personally want physical action on my games aside from being intellectually asserting.

The game also has a confusing game pattern, you'll have to open several game windows or click bunch of menu's and sub-menu's to be able to do something basic, for instance, the opening collected stuffs, etc. But even with these smallish glitched, I still love the game, overall.


The game fits perfectly to individuals who love mystery, crimes and challenges. You would really enjoy it at your hearts desire. On the other hand, it doesn't fit youngsters nor individuals who doesn't want complicated fun. The game is dofficult to accomplished.

To download Cluedo, CLICK HERE!


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