Jul 26, 2012

Nokia Store App: Munch Punch, Dish-cover!

Who in the world doesn't love food? It’s one of the most basic human need, but with utmost probability, we all have the same questions when it comes to the matter, the perfect food to eat at a time being, in which restaurant or coffee shops offers the most delicious and sumptuous dishes of them all and where to find them.

You might probably go and search the web for answers or asked your friends and colleagues but I would regard these measures dreary and time consuming, there is one application for Nokia Symbian Phones that can do these best quickly with a geographic pitched, the Munch Punch, Dish-cover!, a free application on Nokia Store.

And how helpful and informative was the app? Superb I would say, its one of the best search tool that will not only help users spot nearest restaurants by Name or guide them to the best restaurants by location but an app that becomes a virtual table menu where users can access the foods offered and the price of each. That's how comforting it is.

The application will also let you access feedback's and suggestions from users if there were any, or allow users to post their own comments. You will know the best and the worst food and services offered per establishment ahead before going.

Other stellar feature of the app includes contact numbers and a link to Delivery orders, both equally impressive as that of the aforementioned.

On my part, the application suites me best for being an ardent traveler and a food scout. I'm fun of going places I’ve never been too and loves to dine in every possible new places. Before, I have to search for restaurants or food shops manually by going around the city block or search online, now, I only need to type the place where I’m at and presto, it will show me all lists and locations of nearby restaurants together with their menu’s, specialties and price at a glance.

I’ve used Much Punch before but sad to say that my previous concern were still existing like the lack of Nokia Maps support amounting to the absence of a crucial Navigation option that users will have walk around to manually search the identified location or the incomplete data information's as to the list of food shops, just to mention a few. Absence of both I believe still defeats the application’s purpose which is to Dish-cover!

Being new then, I gave them the benefit of excused, but it’s been 2 years and the app is still short of information’s by comparison to my on spot observations. Being free app does not also give them enough reasons to update and upgrade as they could earn by advertisement. They must do something to improved the application. I very much love the apps purpose and idea that I don’t want it to be put to waste.

Overall Rating (1 Highest – 5 Lowest): 3

To download Much Punch, CLICK HERE!


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