Jul 31, 2012

Nokia Store App: Inquirer News Reader

News, vital as it is since time immemorial, people just can’t get enough information’s on current events, politics, sports, entertainment among others. But unlike before when people have to go to the nearest newsstand to buy newspapers or magazines, the medium had speedily evolved at the dawn of internet era and the rise of smartphones, a huge percentage of people nowadays access news via these technologies.

In the Philippines, the country’s leading newspaper brand had embraced the evolution by creating their very own WRT application for the country’s leading mobilephone brand and operating system, the Inquirer news reader app downloadable FREE at Nokia Store for Symbian devices.

The app is plain and straightforward, opening it will show the following categories; Breaking News, General News, Opinion, Sports, Business, Entertainment and Lifestyle. Clicking the categories will show the headlines of the most current news and events as well as showing the entire story upon clicking the headline title. Easy and effortless for users.

But as trouble-free as it is, the application is too simple that it’s bland. After having experienced the likes of CNN or ESPN for Symbian, Inquirer news reader becomes archaic by comparison. I hope they will update the interface and make it modern and fun to use.

Anyways, I’m just playing geek, what matters here are the stories and information’s that the app offers and it never fell short on that. This is a must have app for news hungry individual on the go.

Overall Rating (1 Highest – 5 Lowest): 3

Internet connection is needed in updating news per category and the application is compatible among Nokia Belle, Symbian 60 and Symbian 40 devices. To download the app, CLICK HERE!


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