Aug 1, 2012

Nokia Store App: My Elba Cookbook

I love to cook, I wouldn’t take the role of a morning mess sergeant if I don’t, but unfortunately my knowledge in cooking is very limited and I would want to learn more the easiest way possible. Well, this had been addressed in a modern tech way via My Elba Cookbook, a FREE downloadable app on Nokia Store for Symbian devices.

The cooking app promised a master chef's prowess for users with the variety of food recipes it offers. Well, I couldn’t agree less, it has all the best Filipino and pasta dishes and desserts, all created by the chef masters themselves.

The app's concept was exemplary but their were more to it that I really like, for instance, the clean and attractive user interface, the home view was a barrage of available recipes with a lusty image presentation. This is a proof that you can never go wrong with food images, they will always look pleasant to the eye. Home view page is divided into two categories, the Random Recipe and the Recently Viewed.

Clicking the individual title open the recipe page with an image, short description, ingredients and the cook button at the bottom which will open the step by step method in cooking with each step presented in a single page, another of my favorite feature. A swipe to the right will swiftly open the second step and so on.

There is also a brilliant feature called Shopping List that automatically itemized the recipe's ingredients with a check button before each for ticking. This will make the gathering of ingredients easy and exact. Timer is also provided on the options menu together with a Unit Converter, all of which are necessary to make the cooking experience pleasurable. Glossary on the options menu features the full lists of recipes saved on the application’s database.

I could see myself using the app often, I do hope they will update its database with new recipes every once in awhile especially those whose ingredients can be locally obtained.

Overall Rating (1 Highest – 5 Lowest): 4

This is a must have app for every food lovers in the world!

To download the app, CLICK HERE! The application is compatible with Nokia Belle, S60 and S40 devices.


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