Aug 30, 2012

Are you ready? Nokia teases!

From the looks of it, Nokia seems to have something HUGE in-store for everyone these September 5th! I have never seen them so excited and enthusiastic ever before after witnessing 3 Nokia World events from a distance.

So here is the teaser image they sent via eMail, and yes, for the first time, I'm about to interpret it like a psychic!

Okay, so I can sense some disturbance in the force, something futuristic and something monstrous! The picture attached was in 3D form so I predict a 3D phone is on the line. Light on top is Lumia on top, so it would only mean that major announcement will involve Windows Phone devices. Something about film and video capture is also on the line with the spotlight effect, it could be an application about movies or a PureView device. I can also a see a tablet on the picture, a wide screen one with 10 inches width base on the size and dimension of the picture. The bent writing could mean a flexible phone or tablet. The blue background represents water, so a device could also be waterproof or something.

Heh, I know your starting to get scared so I leave it up here.

Anyways, I'm really looking forward to this event, the very one that could change everything. Nokia have been defying all the odds lately by introducing mind blowing innovations. I'm reserving all my expectations.

To the entire Nokia community, heads up, good luck and God speed!


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