Aug 28, 2012

Nokia Belle Refresh For Nokia N8, E7, C7, C6-01, etc.

Nokia continue to upgrade its Belle Operating System with the newest firmware refresh rolling out globally today.

This is completely opposite to other operating systems who limits upgrades only to new devices making it the most versatile Operating Software in the mobilephone space.

The latest firmware promised to bring more enhancements on performance and feature, more widgets and fast browsing. After upgrading my 2 year old Nokia N8, these are the noticeable changes I've notice so far:

- Faster and smother navigation all over
- Responsive Menu navigation unlike before where you can see freezing frames
- New Homescreen widgets like the Mechanical clock, Text clock, Flip clock, 3G toggle, Calendar agenda, Bookmarks, CNN Delivers Update, DLNA Server, Mail-New Arrival, Music Player-small, and more
- New e-Mail look dropping the Ovi logo
- Big screen and DLNA pay app's added
- New music player navigation page with option grids on top
- New gallery page with grid on top

Full change log will definitely be release by Nokia soon so lets wait for that and watch this space but for the meantime, the refresh had been remarkable though not as huge when Belle was introduce from Ana. I'm enjoying all the new widgets and customization of the software, something that I would miss when Nokia would totally shift to Windows Phone. Looking forward to what Symbian had left to offer before going stilt.


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