Aug 7, 2012

Is it time to change? Thoughts on Smart Freedom Plan from a Globe Business user

I've been a Globe Telecom user for more than 2 years now. I availed the Globe Business Starter Plan 499 then because of its unbeatable call and text service offer on top of its unparalleled customer service support and full signal strength here in my place. Globes though change this plan lately to Business Flex offering fixed packages as chosen by consumers.

Smart Communications on the other hand introduces their most affordable plan offer yet, the Smart Freedom Plan, a monthly adjustable service package where users can freely choose the services that best suits their needs and with a locked-in period of only 6 months. But is it worth a switched? Read on to find out.

With the Smart Freedom Plan, consumers can enjoy at least one or several combination of the following services:
On top of these all, a rebate of 10% on the first 5 months of the plan and an easy application requirement.

Globe’s Business Flex offers one or more of the following fixed service combinations:

On top of these is a free phone and service offers, locked in period of 24 months.

By clear comparison, Smart offers more to consumers from its call and text services to endless modification. For instance, a Combo 400 for Smart combines a 500 minutes of calls to Smart, Sun & Talk ‘N Text, 2000 texts to all networks and 150mb of mobile surfing for 30 days while Globe Business Flex only had an unlimited text to Globe subscribers and a consumable of 300 pesos. A huge difference that if you are to sum things up, Smart users can save as much PhP700 or more offsetting Globes free phone monetary equivalent in 6 months.

I would really benefit more on Smart Freedom Plan than Globe Business Flex but as far as I want to convinced myself to switch, I would still prefer not, Smart had serious issues that needs to be solved. First and foremost, their customer service hotline still sucks big time. I don’t know why Smart won’t hire more service agents to answer customer queries, most of the time, my call ends up to listening jingles instead of wanting my questions answered. Then, most importantly, Smart's poor signal strength. They might be the largest network in terms of coverage but they have a sparse signal in my area. I hate it when I have to go out of the house to catch one to think that I’m leaving at the center of a municipality next to a big city. I only wish our town was included in the "multimillion" dollar system upgrade that Smart and PLDT brag lately.

Anyways, unless I couldn't see any changes on these issues, its not time for me to change yet and live less. I want a less complicated life.


For me it's all about signal strength. Stick to Globe if it's the only one that has reliable signal in your area. Also, are most of your contacts Globe or Smart? That's my other deciding factor. 88% of my contacts are Globe so I have stuck with them for 15 years now. My smart buddy is a prepaid back up.
Smart Freedom plan is a good back up whenever Globe loses signal which is often in Makati :-P

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