Aug 11, 2012

The Flower of Heidelberg (A las flores del Heidelberg)

What does Dr. Jose Rizal and Adolf Hitler have in common? Accordingly, we could trace it on Jose Rizal’s titled work of art.

Wild tales come and goes but for the Rizalista’s, a religious sect who believes that Jose Rizal was a God being the incarnation of Jesus Christ, the poem entitled The Flower of Heidelberg could proved a far greater communality than we expect.

Why, what, where and when? Let’s dive in to history first.

1887 – 1889 - Jose Rizal came to Germany to take up eye specialization. He settled in a boarding house in Heidelberg called Karlstraße at first but was said to have moved in different places in Germany. Within his stay, it was believed that he meet a beautiful laundrywoman that she fell in love with. This inspiration was immortalized by creating a poem entitled A las flores del Heidelberg fully dedicated to his beloved.

1888 — Jose Rizal left Germany leaving his "Flower of Heidelberg" behind.

1989 – Adolf Hitler was born to a laundrywoman with no recorded father. The said woman was working for Alois Hitler and Klara Pölzl who then have Adolf adopted by the said couple. Accordingly, this would explain why Adolf grew up distant to his known siblings and parents even making him the black sheep of the family.

As you can see in the facts presented, it signifies the strong connection of Jose Rizal, Adolf Hitler and the Flower of Heidelberg, the binding truth that Flower of Heidelberg is the mother of Adolf Hitler and Jose Rizal, the father.

Far fetch you might think banking on the huge impossibility, but the two historical figure had the following in common to support the claim:

1. They have almost the same height. For a common German, Adolf Hitler was way too short taking the possibility that he had a foreign lineage.

2. They have similar facial features. It might be that the camera features before was not as clear and as precise but at a glance, you will really find these similarities compelling. Not to mention the gouty of course.

3. They are highly intellectual people. They were linguist, poet, writer and painter.

4. They are both nationalistic and socially conscious. Adolf Hitler though got too far as he wants to convert the whole world to Germany.

As I mentioned earlier, I consider these wild tales and it's definitely beyond proving but on the other hand, its too detailed that it can’t hardly be ignored thus raising the benefit of doubt. True or not, it had captured my fancy thats why I'm featuring it on the blog. Rizalista's believed in these fully and I can't blame them for doing so. What do you think?


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