Sep 5, 2012

My Lazada Philippines's Wicked Online Shopping Experience! Part 1

When I first find out about, I really felt delighted, that finally we have a local online store with a refined website offering products that could hardly be found in the provinces. With a heartbeat and full confidence, I decided to give it a try by ordering a tablet that I could use in school. Tablet becomes handy in my case specially that Law School requires us to read Supreme Court Reports Annotated (SCRA’s), Republic Acts, Decree’s among other texts that could easily be downloaded on the internet in PDF format.

Day 1

17:53 +8GMT, July 17, 2012

I place an order via the website. The order went fine as Lazada provided a systematic process. I opted to choose DragonPay as a method of payment whom, in return and within a few minutes, sent me an email stating the deposit instruction and confirmation procedure. (Screenshot photo below)

Day 2

12:31 +8GMT, July 18, 2012

I paid the item through the account of DragonPay via Bank of Philippine Islands (BPI). DragonPay by the way is a third party online payment company that had promised to provide greater security and convenience than traditional credit cards while on the other hand has a greater market reached by utilizing Philippine Bank networks and non-traditional outlets like convenience stores, business centers, remittance centers and pawnshops. (Inset image of the deposit slip below)

13:32 +8GMT, July 18, 2012

Send a tweet to @LazadaPh, the company’s official twitter account, informing them of my payment and they replied by saying that they received my payment and processing my order. Delivery will be within 5-10 Business day. (Screenshot photo below)

18:19 +8GMT, July 18, 2012

I had my payment confirmed by undergoing few steps as instructed. DragonPay, like what they did previously, sent me another email after a few minutes to signify successful processing and validation. (Screenshot photo below)

Day 4

20:25 +8GMT, July 20, 2012

I tweeted them asking for the tracking number of my item, they replied by saying that I will be informed as soon as they sent the item.

Day 11

10:05 +8GMT, July 27, 2012

I tweeted them again asking for an update, then a reply came afterwards saying that they will follow it up with the logistics.

16:52 +8GMT, July 27, 2012

Another tweet came, this time, informing me that they did not receive my payment and want me to call their customer service landline number.

17:30 +8GMT, July 27, 2012

I called them up and a very fluent customer service rep was on the line answering all my queries. She said my order was canceled because their system did not receive my payment within 2 days. I then explained to her about my DragonPay transaction and the confirmation I received out of the said payment as well as the Twitter replies. She then asked for a few hours so they could refer it to the accounting section and have the incident investigated. They even promised a callback before the end of the day.

Day 12

12:30 +8GMT, July 28, 2012

Anxiously waiting for feedback, I called up Lazada again to follow up. A representative answered but unlike yesterday, he was very certain this time that their system did not received my payment via DragonPay and that he cannot do anything about it. Right there and then my world begin to crumble, I was so worried that my hard earned money just went to waste that I felt so uneasy for the rest of the day even to the point that I couldn't sleep that night. Come to think of it, an online shop like Lazada who relies on electronic order and payment had a crappy and unreliable payment system, an unprecedented and unforgivable mistake for a business banking on public trust.

I also heard the most ridiculous scenario that same call when the customer service representative asked me to file a refund for the said transaction. Why in the freaking world would they want to give a refund for an unreceived payment? This only proves that they recognized receiving my payment, reconfirming the tweet I received last July 18th.

The rep asked for my banking details and told me that the refund will processed in 3 days.

Very curious about the reps move for force refund, I opted to eMail DragonPay to confirm if Lazada indeed receive the payment or not. I got a reply that same day telling me that the payment was validated. (Screenshot below) It became a word war then between the two company, one was lying and one was not. I sent an eMail then to Lazada about DragonPay's feedback to get to the bottom of it.

.... and I have to cut my post being too long already. Watch these space for the continuation of my experienced nightmare, I will assure your utmost enjoyment.


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