Sep 6, 2012

The Next Evolution In Smartphone Begins With The Lumia 920 and 820

A new era of smartphone revolution got unveiled today in New York bringing new technology and innovations that was never seen before, the Nokia Pureview with floating lens technology, offline Nokia Maps with voice navigation, Wireless charging, PureMotion HD+, Nokia City lens, Augmented reality, these were just a few of the innovation stuffs you can find in the most powerful and the most advance Lumia smartphones to date.

Nokia made it sure that they will champion the apps and services that matters most to people and they successfully presented the integration to these to everyday life.

On the frontline is the Lumia 920, Nokia's flagship Windows Phone 8 smartphone. The phone sports the same stylish, formidable and award winning design and construction that of the previous Lumia devices and added with the latest advances in Nokia PureView imaging innovation like the far advanced floating lens technology that minimize shaking or hand movements when taking shoots or filming, absorption of lights five times than competing smartphones that it takes bright and clear images and videos even without using flash among others.

The Nokia Lumia 820 on the other hand is the mid-range version of the the 920 sporting the same design and construction but without the Pureview technology. The phone also comes with an exchangeable shell design and micro SD memory capability.

Both phones sports the Nokia City Lens, a location base application that is capable of overlaying information about restaurants, shops, hotels and more on the surfaces of buildings by pointing the camera around the user. Nokia City Lens is the start of a new augmented reality experience that also enhances Nokia Maps, making it possible to move between maps view and augmented reality view to help people check their direction and surroundings. Along with enhancements to Nokia Drive and Nokia Transport, the Nokia location suite of services represents the most comprehensive, integrated mapping experience of any smartphone.

Nokia also introduce wireless charging technology with the Fatboy Recharge Pillow and the wireless charging docking station boombox, the JBL PowerUP delivering high quality audio performance. Both accessories provides seamless and wire free experience for users.

The Nokia Lumia 920 comes in yellow, red, grey, white and black. The Nokia Lumia 820 comes in red, yellow, grey, cyan, purple, white and black.

Pentaband LTE and HSPA+ variants will be available for both phones and are expected to start shipping in select markets later in the year. Nokia will announce pricing and specific roll-out dates country by country when sales are due to begin.

Really forward to these phones. Now that Nokia brought out its outstanding hardware and exclusive apps, its time for Microsoft to disclose the Windows Phone 8 goodies.


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