Sep 10, 2012

Nokia Takes The Innovative Stride With Outstanding Wireless Charging Accessories

Among the best part of Nokia's September 5 Windows Phone 8 launching event in New York, the march of the next generation of powering smartphones via Nokia Wireless Charging accessories. A powerless device can't do you any good no matter how advance or expensive it is. Power is the only life of a smartphone.

On the front line of course is one my personal favorite, the JBL PowerUp Wireless Charging Speaker which combines the best audio quality in the music and entertainment business and the most convenient way of powering up. Listening to music could never be as beneficial as ever before.

The Fatboy Recharge Pillow provides the most stylish and easiest way to recharge, all you need to do is lay the phone down on the pillow and its good to go. No need to plug the phone in a USB or adapter, let it sleep on the pillow and gobble the energy it needs for a hectic day. A perfect companion when your watching TV in a couch or something like it.

Nokia Wireless Charging Stand DT-910 also debuts with the same recharge mechanism, but unlike the Fatboy Pillow, the charger comes in a more steady and fixed approached. Kinda like the one which stays in the office table where you can put the phone in while working and be notified right away when a call or SMS comes in.

Last but not the least of course is the Nokia Wireless Charging Plate DT-900 with a more sublimed approached. This is the type of wireless charger where you can put on the bedside table for an overnight charge.

Nokia uses the Qi that creates interoperability between the device providing power and the device receiving power with a magnetic induction to recharge simply by being near a single power transmitter of the Wireless Power Consortium.

Well, it seems like Nokia made it sure that everything is covered up with the range of wireless charging accessories they created. A promising new technology that delivers a greater comfort for everyone.

Prices and availability of the accessories have not been announced and it will come in different color variants.


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