Sep 14, 2012

Nokia Uses Synaptics Technology To Bring Advanced Touch Experience in Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820

Having problems using your phone with gloves on during winter, or perhaps your fashionable long fingernails? Well, worry no more as Nokia, in partnership with Synaptics Technologies brings a breakthrough technology on touchscreen devices with Super Sensitive Touch(TM) built on ClearPad(TM) Series 3 that enables an enhanced touch support automatically detecting the presence of skin, gloved fingers, or fingernails and reacts to them, giving users a seamless multi-touch experience regardless of input methods.

This is one of the many technologically advance innovations that was introduce with the Nokia Lumia 920 and 820, raising the bar for high performance touch experience. Kinds of technologies that adopts to human nature and shortcomings and not for people to adopt to the technology and change their natural ways of doing things.

ClearPad Series 3 offers up to 10 finger full-time tracking and fast refresh rates, with industry leading signal-to-noise-ratio (SNR), delivering high performance to the most demanding smartphones. Synaptics' patented SignalClarity(TM) technology improves tracking accuracy, finger separation, and environmental and electrical noise robustness for an unmatched user experience. Synaptics' Design Studio(TM)4 (DS4) accelerates the ClearPad development cycle by enabling customers to evaluate and optimize the performance of their touch experience, enabling OEMS to implement their custom ClearPad sensor solution more efficiently.

Nokia's flagship Windows Phone 8 device, the Nokia Lumia 920, features an impressive smartphone display based on exclusive technology called Nokia PureMotion HD+. With better than HD resolution, overdrive technology for keeping moving images pixel-perfect and sunlight enhancements for easy viewing even in the brightest sunlight, the 4.5-inch display of the Lumia 920 produces a totally immersive experience.

As clear as the rising sun, the new Lumia 920 is technically the most advance smartphone at the moment and offering the most user interactive experience, what do other phones got?


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