Oct 26, 2012

Globe Telecom Raise The Bar Anew In Postpaid Customer Service Via MyAccount

The best postpaid plan in the country gets even better with Globe Telecom's upgraded MyAccount online service offering new helpful and interactive features to costumers as well as flexibility and convenience like no other yet. 

With the new Globe MyAccount, not only that customers can view bills online; check past and current charges; or change account details, now, we can directly pay bills via registered credit card or G-Cash accounts under MyWallet; change plan subscriptions; increase or decrease credit limits; make connection requests or  subscribe to plan promos among the rest of its great features, all of which, eliminates the hassle of going to kiosks and payment centers or calling hotline numbers, though I have nothing against service representatives of Globe because they always offer the best and the quickest. I find this online one-stop shop idea for subscribing offers and paying bills comforting and simply brilliant.

I do hope though that the online payment is safe because a credit card account is at stake. Adding safety verification from VeriSign or Mastercard SecureCode will definitely help lessen skepticism. I also didn’t find add-on offers for Globe Business accounts yet so I cannot fully enjoy the features. As of the moment, the only available promo subscriptions were the Powersurf, Supersurf and Blackberry services for Browsing; My Super Txt All for SMS; and SuperIDD, PowerRoam, ITxtAll, Bridge VoiceSMS and Bridge DataRoam Unlimited for the Roaming. A little addition on features and security improvements will make the system perfect.

Time and again, Globe Telecom proved that they deserve the position as the number one postpaid company in the country because they never stop innovating. They had always offer something new and exciting every once in awhile verging on the bar no less than the best in terms of affordable plan packages and quality service to customers. I'm happy to say that for about 32 months of my Business subscription, my current plan package was still unbeatable by far. Keep up the good work guys!

*MyAccount is also offered for prepaid subscribers.


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