Oct 27, 2012

My Lazada Philippines's Second Online Shopping Experience

After almost forsaking Lazada Philippines in this article,  I procured my second order on the online shop site to make use of the gift check they gave me as an endowment for the hassle they've caused.

To tell you the truth, I got a mixed feeling about it, one part excited since I'm about to find out if Lazada Philippines could pull out my order fast and redeem themselves, while on the other hand, anxious that their failure might recur, and this is the main reason why I opted to buy an item that had the closest price to the gift check.

To really gave a direct comparison to the previous transaction, I choose the very same process that I did before; same payments system (via DragonPay), same confirmations process, etc. I wanted to measure the changes made by the company on these areas.

Interestingly, within the payment and confirmation process, I've notice that the company now had an SMS system sent to customer's registered contact number reminding him/her to settle the amount ordered on the allowed time frame, a welcome addition, but unfortunately the message came in very late, thats about a day after the item was delivered. A little improvement on this I believe will be very effective in addressing cancellation issues. Lazada should also make the SMS system more interactive, like maybe an option to reply on it to confirm or deny the said notice.

Well, if your wondering why the text came in very late for me, thats because my ordered item was delivered in less than 2 days after the confirmation, a huge difference here compared to the previous! I can see that they were really serious on wanting to improve their services and hopefully, its for good. Great job guys!

Then again, making one impressive transaction won't rest my apprehensions aside about the company's performance. They still need to prove more to regain my full trust and recommendation. If they could retain the same performance on my next two to three orders, maybe, everything depends on them. As I've mentioned on my previous article, I want them to grow and improve since they gave me and the rest of the buyers from the province the opportunity to buy products that we could hardly find locally.

Make it happen Lazada Philippines, you can do it! :)


maybe noong una nagkamali lang sila hindi naman talaga perfect eh.

oo nga.. kakasimula pa kasi nila...

I agree that their delivery is fast but the problem naman nila ngayon is sa return item. They are really slow in processing return items. In my case they sent me a wrong item and I returned the item last Sep/12/2013 - up to now more than 10 days na, the only update that I could hear from them is "ipa-follow up lang namin sir" and lapse na ang 5 business days na sinasabi nila na evaluation period nila. Nakakinis lang kasi puro-follow-up lang ang naririnig mo. Gumawa pa nga ko ng chronicles ng experience ko sa kanila: http://www.bleuken.com/my-lazada-philippines-bad-experience-a-stressful-online-shopping-inconvenience-20130924/

Ngayon kung tatanungin mo ko kung mag-oorder pa ako sa LAZADA, I'll be answering a big NO. NAKAKADALA, nakaka-trauma kasi! Ang stress grabe... kaya hanap tayo ng iba!

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