Nov 9, 2012

Meet Windows Phone 8 By Joe Belfiore

Got an interesting find here from YouTube about Windows Phone 8, the mobile operating system of my future smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 920 (cough!), as if I can afford (cough!), well... who knows I might find a treasure chest somewhere, but anyways, the video earnestly run through all the latest and greatest features of the critically acclaimed operating system from the Windows Phone guru himself, Joe Belfiore.

The video shows several innovative features but what struck me most is the sync and integration features of the mobile operating system to Windows 8. It was super cool seeing those images, documents, music, etc., being sync and fitted to the phone from PC and vice versa without a sweat. Deep social integration was also outstanding on the phone as well as the Kid's Corner, App Lock Screen and Data Sense with the ability to find WIFI sites and display it on a Nokia powered map.

Favorite line in the video.. "We check our apps for viruses and malware unlike Google Play".

Favorite moment, end of the video when he wanted to get the phone from his daughter and uttered "give me that fuc... give me that phone", then he giggles... what?

Watch the full video below to find out more.


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