Dec 11, 2012

Globe Telecom Wants Users To Reset Plan Contracts For A Brand New Phone

They call it Genius.... Well, not really because the option of resetting plan contracts for a new phone had already been practiced by telecom networks abroad, but nonetheless, Globe Telecom's effort to push boundaries in powering up their already formidable postpaid offers is commendable, the plan offer is another first in the country.

With this offer, users doesn't need to wait for their existing plan contract to end before they could avail a brand new phone, all they have to do is reset their current plan and that's it. The catch though is if the user had a subsidize handset together with their current plan because they'll need to pay the remaining amount of the said phone in order to take advantage of the service offer.

For example, a subscriber had a free handset worth PhP20,000 at the time of the plan's availment, and say he/she have covered at least 10 out of the 24 months lock-in, the PhP20,000 will be divided by 24, with the quotient be multiplied by the remaining uncovered months which is 14. Final product will then be the payable amount, which in the given scenario at bar, costs at about PhP11,666.

After the payment, the reset scheme will be initiated and the subscriber be given an option to get a new free phone out of their current plan package or to secure another through one time discounted cash payment or by installment within 12 to 24 months on top of your chosen plan without the need of credit cards or any additional support documents.

With this offer, I might have a chance to own my dream device, the Nokia Lumia 920, that of course if Globe will offer it because they might go for another midtier Lumia device like what they did last year offering the Lumia 800 instead of the flagship Lumia 900. Hopefully not... finger cross!


Thanks for posting this! Can I reset my call&text plan to a data plan instead?

@Diwata Luna

I don't think so :), you'll have to cancel your existing plan and apply for a separate data plan.

Hi Just want to know if its possible to have a new handset aside from iphone 5 ( i like to have galaxy note 2 ) and im not sure if this is possible , cause I search the web nd globe was only offering the reset plan to an iphone 5.thanks in advance


Yes as far as I know. :)

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