Dec 13, 2012

Time To Do Our Part, Lets Donate To The Victims Of Typhoon Pablo

Christmas is almost here ladies and gentlemen and the best way we could celebrate the birth of Christ more is by helping His people who direly needs help like the victims of Typhoon Pablo.

Up to now, I'm still mesmerize by the devastation brought about by the typhoon, just imagine an entire town wipe out together with all their means of living and another flooded with mud, stones, unrooted trees, etc., its a horrible view and worsts, according to reports, what we've seen so far were still the tip of the iceberg, their were still a lot of affected areas that were not covered, so we have to think of the entirety of the scenario and the thousands more victims left unaccounted, all of them badly needing our help.

So what could we do? Well, basic needs like food, water, clothing, mattress, etc., were priorities for the time being. If you had some money to spare being well-off or middle class earner, you could send it directly to charity organizations or foundations handling relief goods like ABS-CBN or GMA Foundations. These group were huge and trustworthy organizations that could handle your donations efficiently, but if you're a low class earner like me, you don't need to shell out money in order to help, you could instead share your old clothes, shoes, books, kitchenwares etc., anything basic that victim needs, and you don't even need to send these goods personally to the affected sites, just bring them to a nearby church and they'll be more than happy to accept your donations.

So far, my family is on the process of going through our spare stuffs to be donated. I will also be asking my co-workers as well to do the same and you my dear friends, so we could send a handful. Lets make this Christmas meaningful for the victims and live the real spirit of the season. Time to do out part!

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