Dec 23, 2012

Nokia Asha 303 Hardware Review, Stylishly Solid

Asha is generally defined as the cosmic principle of order, justice, righteousness, and truth, not far fetch from how Nokia depicts its current line up of Asha phones, they're bold, solid, honest and fair just like the Nokia Asha 303, the most beautiful and stylish entry level phone to date.

The phone is one of the few touch and type form factor with a full QWERTY in the market, not very customary but I consider it the best by far specially in terms of writing messages and overall usability. Nothing can beat mechanical QWERTY just yet, not even the best virtual keypad at the moment.

One of the strongest feature of the phone is its unique design and construction, the upper part is the all deep black glass apportioned with a 2.6 inch capacitive touch panel while the lower part are the glossy plastic mechanical call, message, music and end buttons clefted by 4 line mechanical QWERTY keypad at the bottom.

This QWERTY buttons were metallic and convex, and just like Nokia's early keypad versions, it's a working masterclass offering the best QWERTY set up ever created for mobilephone. The buttons are well marked and well lighted and has an excellent tactile feedback making it fun and comfortable to use, though there bit cramp and narrow for people with by thumbs, lucky I don't have one.
Anyways, on the right side of the phone are the volume rocker and the lock and unlock key. They're made of glossy coated plastic and very comfortable to press. No camera button on this side, quite understandable I believe because it will really feel weird taking landscape images on this phone.

The left side offers nothing more than the lanyard inlet.

On top of the phone are the 3.5mm audio jack, the microUSB port and the charger connector. The microUSB port is also capable of charging and support USB on-the-go (OTG) but with purposes totally defeated by the absence of USB and USB OTG connector out of the box.

Bottom side of the phone is purely featureless.

At the back of the phone are the 3.2MP camera, the curvy metallic battery cover and the stereo speaker which is by the way very loud. The battery of the phone is 1300 mAh BP-3L Li-Ion that could last accordingly, up to 8 hours and 10 minutes of talk time and 720 hours of standby in 2G networks or 7 hours and 10 minutes of talk time and 840 hours of standby in 3G networks and a whooping 47 hours of music playback. Base on my regular use of WIFI connection every now and then, frequent calls and text, a few games and picture taking every now and then, the phone lasts for about 3 days.

The rest of the its framework is made of moderate grade plastic but even so, the phone is very solid and classy to hold as if made with high grade materials. Its also lightweight and well contoured giving an excellent grip impression.

Overall hardware-wise, the phone is a runaway winner, I could surelt say that its the best on its class, but its not all hardware, software is also equally important. Find out how it faired on my full review on the software side of things coming up next, stay tuned!


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