Dec 1, 2012

Symbian Apps I Cannot Live Without

I recently reset of my 2 year old Nokia N8 Luscious Green to factory setting because it had slowed down through the years. My depleted phone memory might be the culprit as a result to numerous installed apps and blotwares which force me ponder on the apps I truly need and those that I cannot live without. It was quite an easy task actually because I’ve noticed that I only use a few set of apps over and over daily.

Well of course we use our smartphones uniquely, I was more on social media being a blogger and the greatest and the latest information’s must be within my disposal to write about, other than these, I also need apps that makes my mobile use cooler and easier to use. So which among the 200 Thousand apps made it to my elite lists?

Here we go:

1. Gravity – Due to my socially centered lifestyle, the application provides me with no less than the best mobile twitter client in smartphone world, unparalleled and unabated even across iOS or Android. Mobileways created the award winning application which focused on simplicity and intuitiveness. Users will enjoy smooth and fast browsing across Timelines, Replies, Messages, Friends and Followers by just swiping left or right and push notifications which were missing in most of other Twitter clients. Gravity also allows you to connect to Facebook, Google Reader, Foursquare, YouTube,, StatusNet and Sina Weibo, making it a very abled all-in-one social media client. But being the best in its class will cost a tidy sum, currently, the app is being sold for PhP150.00 on Nokia Store but very much worth every penny spent.

2. SWYPE – One thing I hate most in touchscreen phones is its seemingly limited and difficult typing mechanism. Virtual QWERTY is a pain to use while virtual T9 defeats its purpose, but SWYPE change everything as it offers an adaptive continuous system of writing messages making it so much easier to compose messages on a touchscreen device. Just swipe through the virtual QWERTY keypad and the system will identify the pattern and gives out the word you would like to type. Adaptive because it allows you to create and save your personal vocabulary to the system.

3. Fascinate - As much as I love Gravity as a twitter client, it falls a bit short compared to Fascinate when it comes to Facebook. The application offers a richer interface by adding images and videos to Facebook’s News Feed. Dedicated separate icons for Friends, Messages, Chat, Birthdays, Notifications, My Wall, Photos and Events were nicely laid through the apps main menu drawer. Users can add photos directly to the shout-out box or check-in to places. It also have push notifications which could directly show Birthdays, Feeds and New messages accompanied by notification light, sound and desired times. Fascinate is being sold for PhP20.00 in Nokia Store.

4. T. Clock – The most capable talking clock among Symbian Apps. From the name itself, what it does is announce loudly to users the current time per hour via loudspeaker, but unlike other apps where you still need to press buttons for it to work, T. Clock is automatic and users will only need to set the time frame. I like this app a lot because it will remind me what time it is without looking on my phone.

5. Swipe Unlock – One of my most loved feature in the Nokia N9 is it’s lock and unlock system, the Swipe Unlock emulates Nokia N9’s swipe up or down unlock mechanism, the best there is in the smartphone world. Currently, unlocking Symbian Belle involves the pressing of buttons, well swiping is more interactive and cool besides the fact that you can customized the locked background photo.

6. Tong-its Tournament – It wouldn’t be called Filipino’s most favorite pastime game for nothing, it definitely hooked me up in a healthy way. I even had a workmate who bought a Nokia Symbian Phone just for the game, that’s how huge the game is here in the Philippines. Pastime means fun, and the game offers it indefinitely.

7. Foursquare – My being a Foursquare user had something to do with my travel sorties, every ones in a while I travel to places I never been to and the best way to track my travels is through the app. It also serves as a guide for me since I get to know some of the exciting places near me. Rewards system like Mayorships and Badges also adds to the boast.

8. Toshl Finance – Managing my daily finances is as important as brushing my teeth that’s why the app is one of my most used on my Symbian phone. Earning a below average salary makes me want to track my expenses religiously because I don’t want to spend more than what I earn. There were several app’s offering the same function on Nokia Store but among the app’s, Toshl is a cut above the rest being spontaneous and easy. It also had cool visuals and sound effects so it’s more fun to use.

9. Opera Mobile – No other internet browser in the Symbian world could offer the fastest and the pc-like experience yet other than Opera Mobile. There might be some claims like that of Nokia Browser with its compression technology that allows faster and cheaper web browsing but I have not seen or felt it on the current version, Opera Mobile still opens webpages faster with an easy navigable interface. 

10. Blob – Not that I like this app but being the only Blogger client in the Symbian world makes this app indispensible. In fact I even brought this one for PhP20.00, a price not worth spending because of its boring interface, limited features and most specially, its inability to attached images on the blog post. It merely became a mobile draft creator when I had something in mind that I want to write about. How I wish there were developers who could create another blogger client or for the Blob creators to further improve the app.

How about you, what were the Symbian apps you can’t live without. Share your picks in the comments section below. 


Symbian apps are really very exciting and its development is much more exciting. Thanks for the information.

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