Dec 2, 2012

Globe Telecom's Sweet Business Plan Offer Gone Sour

Honeymoon is over for Globe Business subscribers as their new Business Plan offers took a reverse skid to hefty oblivion. I've been a stout supporter of the Business Plan package for more than 33 months now because of their affordable packages, but it ends today having known their current out of this world offers.

If a Business Plan subscriber before could enjoy an unlimited call within Globe network for PhP299 under Business Plus, the said unlimited call offer can only be enjoyed now under Business Flex 800, thats about 200% increase from the previous. Though under Business Flex 800, subscribers could enjoy PhP500 worth of consumable credit that could be used either for call or text to all network, even so, the difference is far fetched.

A more direct comparison would be between my current plan offer, the Business Starter 499 against the new Business Flex 500. Under the old plan, I could enjoy unlimited call to Globe subscribers and free 300 text to all network, the new plan only offers a consumable credit worth PhP500.00 that could be use for call or text to all network, no more unlimited calls!

Worst of all, subscribers can now only enjoy one unlimited service across all packages above Business Flex 500, no more combination of unlimited call, unlimited text or unlimited browsing all at the same time except if you would avail these on top of your subscription.

To further explain these scenario, lets compare Globe Business Executive Plan 2499 against the current Business Flex 2400. Before, subscribers of the Business Executive Plan 2499 could enjoy the following; unlimited Calls to Globe and Touch Mobile subscribers, unlimited Text to Globe and Touch Mobile subscribers, unlimited Mobile Browsing, free 120minutes Call to other networks (Local) and free 300 Text to other networks (Local) all at the same time, the new Business Flex 2400 could only offer one of the offered unlimited services while the remaining credit would regarded as consumable. Say you'll avail unlimited mobile browsing, thats about PhP999 to be deducted on your PhP2,400, you'll get PhP1,401 as consumable amount. Now if you'll avail for the unlimited Calls to Globe network, thats about 300 deduction to your PhP2,400, you'll have PhP2,100 of consumable credit and so on and so forth. Again if you want to avail for additional unlimited service to combine with your chosen service, it will be charge on top of the PhP2400.

Well, I don't know the rationale behind these changes but one thing is for sure, I'm not happy with the current offers being too expensive compared to the previous or even to competing networks. I would want you to consider other offers right now like Smart Telecoms unlimited call and text 699 or that of SunCellulars, if you are consider getting one because you'll get the most of your hard earn money, fair and square.


business starter 499 offers free handset and 24 months lock in period, after 24 months you may avail the loyalty reward which is 240 pesos bill rebate a month for another 24 months lock in period without a free handset. even business starter is gone, you can be still a business starter plan as long you will not change it to any other plans that globe offers. If you change your plan and planning to back to business starter, there will be NO WAY!. stick with business starter...

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