Dec 3, 2012

Travel and Places: The Fascinatingly Strange Simbahan Bato Of Bancuro, Najuan, Oriental Mindoro

Corals, giants, supernatural phenomenon, these were among the few elements surrounding the story behind one of Oriental Mindoro’s most prominent landmark.

Legend has it that centuries ago, the church which is made of properly aligned coral reefs, had been constructed overnight by a giant whose footprint was left in the church altar. Residents just woke up one morning and saw the church already erected with no noise heard, no construction materials found on the site, nothing at all.

It was also known later on that the same structure with the same giant footprint was found in the province of Masbate, miles away, fueling the legend more.

Well, whoever built the structure must have been well verse with ancient construction because it had lasted for several centuries. I was mesmerized primarily by its design and engineering, the thick and strong walls made up of coral reefs being filed up and stocked together by mud or something is one of a kind, I mean it would have been a lot easier to comprehend if they were stones carved and filed up together, but they were coral reefs. Also, the area was way far from the sea so getting all those corals transported to the site was pretty odd.

 Well, currently, the church had already been renovated to cater to tourists but you can still see the walls and its overall back draft. Its one of a kind engineering marvel.


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