Jan 28, 2013

Globe Apps and Contents For Your Mobilephones

To live up to its status of being the most innovative telecom network in the Philippines, Globe Telecom introduces new mobilephone applications that offers wide range of convenient features and services for their millions of Prepaid and Postpaid costumers, the GSERVICES, GMOVIES, GCASH and GMESSAGES.

The GSERVICES app helps customers manage their Globe account quickly and easily, check balances, change existing plans and subscriptions, register to promos, check rewards points and redeem rewards, Share-a-Load, view old postpaid bills and have them sent to home or email address and check out phone tutorials.

GMOVIES on the other hand is an all-in-one app solution for movie tickets on the go. Users can view showtimes from their favorite cinemas around the Philippines, and reserve or buy tickets straight from their phones. The app also allows users to read plot summaries of current releases. A must have app for movie lovers!

GCASH is a virtual wallet that allows users to easily pay items with their smartphone at the checkout counter with “Other Stuff” QR Codes, make purchases in US online sites with GCASH American Express® Virtual Card, send money to a mobile number, email address or Facebook friend, get a 10% rebate when they buy prepaid credits, access contact list without having to switch applications, and pay Credit Card bills, Utility bills and Globe bills.

And last but not the least, GMESSAGE, a mobile app that allows free and unlimited messaging to other GMESSAGE users anywhere in the world. It also supports photo, video, song attachments and geographic tagging with no extra charge. Best of all, users could send discounted SMS messages to anyone for as low as 15 cents.

Well, I honestly believe some of this apps were helpful one way or another but in general, they're rubbished and impractical. First and foremost, they have limited platform support; secondly, there fiddly to used since they were separate apps that needs to be access individually; third, the messaging app has a very limited coverage; and lastly, the GCASH is too inconvenient for people who wants to send money or pay bills because they need to go to city stationed Globe Business Centers just to deposit a GCASH credit. I would rather advise people to go for MLhuiller if they want to send money or pay bills since this pawnshops/business centers could found in every towns or suburbs, and its not rather advisable to store GCASH credits because they don't earn interest.

Anyways, they have all the time to developed and improved the app's more, maybe add  more sensible features like Twitter or Facebook or other necessary and usable contents.


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