Jan 27, 2013

SmartNet, Extreme Socially

Smartnet is a mobilephone application created by Smart Communications Inc. that combines Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Mail!, Yahoo Search and Yahoo Messenger into one at the same time offers an unlimited access to these internet sites all day long.

Its more likely similar to the services offered by Blackberry only that it has no Blackberry Messenger and with an added Yahoo services that can be installed to iOS, Android and Java compatible mobilephones, thats about almost every possible mobile browsing phones in the market.

This is the most sensible move that Smart Telecom did lately, for more than a few years, they seemed to lag behind Globe in creating innovative services, now they developed not just any service but a game changer. It cannot be denied that accessing social networks had became routinary and with its trend of access going mobile, consumers would definitely go for practical services that allowed them to save money, the Smartnet hit this demand in one strike.

Developing the application further would be the only reasonable move for Smart Telecom right now, they could either improve its user interface, add more social networks to it like Instragram or a video hosting site like youTube. Do these and they could command the next generation of Filipino consumers and retain their position as the country's largest telecom network.


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