Jan 2, 2013

Travel and Places: Binalbal Festival of Tudela, Misamis Occidental, Philippines

"Balbal" is a Visayan term for evil creatures, "Binalbal" is the act of imitating evil creatures making the Binalbal Festival of Tudela, Misamis Occidental, Philippines, a festivity for imitating evil creatures..... in a fun way.

Tudela is a thriving coastal town located north of Mindanao, and just like any other small towns along the coast of Panguil Bay, its a breezy and reserved one except that the people here knows fun and laughter in a big devilish way.

This was the second time that I witness the festival but unlike 4 years ago, a lot had changed this year from being scary fun then to a hermaphroditic ridiculous one now. It was more like watching a gay parade lately than a boast of creative horror prowess as it was before. Well, I don't want to think that the gay population of Tudela is flourishing, but seriously, I still prefer the original concept.

Anyways, here are my best images of the festival taken from my luscious Nokia N8. Enjoy! =)

                                                  Gay Parade?

                                      Fun and Horror as it should be!

                                            Color me creative!


Binalbal Festival is celebrated annually every 1st day of January.


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