Jan 1, 2013

Top 10 Mobilephones of 2012

It’s time again for the dreaded yearly countdown of the Top 10 best mobilephones ladies and gentlemen, as we capped the year 2012. It was a very tough year in the mobilephone space as competition got so fierce. Most of the manufacturing companies gave all their best to make a difference but only 10 made it to the elite list. Could it be as mentally challenging or emotionally disturbing just like before? Read on…

10. Samsung Galaxy Beam

Samsung had been known lately to be widely experimental in terms of product offerings, well, this particular device perfectly describes that since its the very first smartphone to have a built in projector. Its definitely not ideal and the market agrees since this device didn't sell well enough but for the sake of trying everything to distance themself from the competition, I gave the phone a spot on my top 10 list.

9. Nokia Asha 309

As I warned earlier, this post is going to be mentally challenging, how in the world could an low-tier device take a prime spot on my top 10, simple, value for the money. With its current market price, buyers get to enjoy a solid and stylish device, 1Ghz processor, Capacitive Touchscreen, Wi-Fi, among others, but the winning punch didn't come from the specs and features, but on the 40 free premium EA games worth equally the same as the phone's price, meaning, users get double value for their money. This is a living proof that total entertainment phone should not be expensive and unreachable for the mass market.

8. Samsung Galaxy S3

One of the easiest choice on the top 10 I believe since the phone offers superior specs, but it only landed on the 8th spot because of its fragile design and construction. This is the kind of phone that users wont dare dropping because it will surely break their heart and pocket. I would describe it more as a torture device than something to enjoy upon since users will continuously get hunted by its flimsiness.

7. Microsoft Surface

I think I need to explain this over again, why my top 10 lists includes tablets being not a phone specs-wise, well, tablets can be use to call anybody via Skype or other social applications so its a phone in technical sense. Confuse? I am too until now but anyways, Microsoft Surface made it to the lists primarily because of the Windows 8 RT interface, looking so modern and sleek. Plus the fact that it combines tablet and laptop functionality, users could enjoy the best of both worlds. If theirs one device that I want this time around, it would be the Surface tablet so I could trash off my nasty and defective Ainol Novo Aurora 2 and my one year old latop.

6. Apple iPhone 5

Another easy choice here being made superior hardware-wise with a top class software, but even so, it only made it to number 6 on my best lists. Why? Its overprice!! If I can do everything it offers on another affordable phone, then why is this price expensively? If the reason would be that its Apple, then they're seriously fucked-up and they need to seek medical help from a psychologist.


Power is everything, a smartphone is as worthless as a brick if it doesn't have the energy needed to power it on. Well, this phone holds the record for having the longest battery life in actuality reaching up to 13 hours under rigid use. Aside from that, the phone had all the equally competitive specs and price so its a double win.

4. Motorola Fire Pro

My dream form factor laid to the pedestal, the main reason why this phone made it to as far as #4 on the best lists. I've always been raving for a touch and type candybar phone with mechanical QWERTY, well the phone offers that along with its attractive design, 3.1 inch capacitive touchscreen, 1GHz processor, among the rest of the boos and buzz of Android Operating System.

3. Apple iPad Mini

Ideal size + solid construction + refutable operating system + fair price = #4 on my best lists. The device is definitely a charmer by all means. This is the first Apple device that makes sense, its half the price of the iPhone 5 yet it could do fairly more except telecom network calls.

2. Nokia Lumia 920

Stylish breakthrough design, excellent built and construction, ultramodern wireless charging technology, superior PureView Camera with floating lens stabilization, high-caliber PureMotion HD+ with extra sensitive capacitive touchscreen, etc., no doubt that its called the most innovative mobile phone to date. Paired it up with the fresh Windows Phone 8 operating system and unparalleled Nokia App Services like Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive, Nokia City Lens, the device is unbeatable and could hovers easily above the competition but it missed the top spot, why? The #1 spot had the answer.

1. Nokia 808 PureView

The phone had its share of breakthrough technology no doubt, the high-resolution 41 megapixel sensor, new pixel oversampling technology, full HD 1080p video recording and playback with 4X lossless zoom, Nokia Rich Recording enabling audio recording at CD-like levels of quality, Dolby Digital Plus, among others, but combining all these still cannot topple Lumia 920's innovative strides, now, what makes this phone so special that it took the #1 spot? Oh well, the replaceable battery and the memory card slot! For a device to be used as a camera replacement which is power draining in most times, as simple as a spare battery/batteries plays big in the equation since users cannot afford to run empty amidst important once in a lifetime events. As I mentioned earlier, power is the key to phones greatness, the 808 PureView happened to have a back up.

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