Feb 6, 2013

Nokia Store App: SkyFiles, A SkyDrive Client

SkyDrive is a cloud hosting service that allows users to upload and sync files online of up to 7 GB free storage space and then access them from a Web browser or application client of computers, laptops, tablets, among the rest of the supported mobile internet devices. Files uploaded could be kept private, share with other contacts, or make public for everyone to access.

One of the aforementioned application client is SkyFiles, the one and only SkyDrive client for Nokia Symbian phones. Created by INFOTECH, the client provides an easy upload and download of images, photos, videos and documents to your SkyDrive. All users have to do is choose the source and destination folder on both tabs (Phone memory and SkyDrive) and click the Download or Upload button. Their is a double tap to open the file.

It has a free version with limited number of supported file formats for upload and without the ability to save password making it burdensome, and a Pro version worth PhP20.00 locally, that provides password saving; 3 views - detail, tiles and large icons; the ability to upload of all file types with unlimited file size; file operations like copy, move, delete and right side scrolling bar.

The application is one of my most used on my Nokia N8 at the moment, the phone having been used as my primary camera, gorge a lot of images both personal and for the blog, with SkyFiles, I can upload and save these pictures directly to the web so it won't take more of my phone's memory. From the SkyDrive cloud, I can access the pictures later to my laptop and sparing me effort to use the USB pc connector.

SkyDrive also became my primary storage device lately, since I had enough using USB flash drives since my last one got corrupted losing all my work files. Now, I can access all my files instantly on my mobilephone via SkyFiles.

Developers just needs to improve the user interface more, its not as slick and intuitive like other apps and that upload seems to be disrupted with the phone goes to standby mode. They somehow need to access the phones system so the phone stays active until files gets totally uploaded.

But even with this drawbacks, the app is still worth downloading. It has all the features that would make every SkyDrive user happy. Meanwhile, if you don't have a SkyDrive account yet, create one via this link. Download SkyFiles HERE.


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