Feb 5, 2013

The Speediest Mobile Internet Operator In the Philippines Is?

Time to unmasked the truth ladies and gentlemen, which among the mobile internet operators in the Philippines reigns supreme in speed by location via JoikuSpeed, the newest member of Joiku family of products that allows users to find the fastest mobile internet operator per area.

JoikuSpeed shows the average actual mobile internet speeds by operators in a chosen location on a map. The speed evidence results originate from actual mobile users in the country from hundreds of thousands of cell sites.

The mobile internet speed tests were concentrated on the locations tainted with blue square boxes in the map below. Clicking each box will shows all the telecom operators and their internet speeds arranged in order from highest to lowest. Other operators not shown means they do not have enough speed evidences or had a very low bandwidth from the said location, a direct approach that I like a lot on the web service.

Here are the results of mobile internet speeds in select Philippine areas:


Metro Manila

Cavite, Bataan, Pampanga

Batangas, Mindoro, Laguna

Quezon Province, Marinduque, Camarines

Central Vizayas

Davao Provinces, Compostela Valley

Central Mindanao

Northwestern Mindanao

Zamboanga, Basilan, Sulu, Tawi-Tawi

As seen on the test results, Smart Communications and Globe Telecom dominates proportionately across the country. Globe Telecom reigns in the CALABARZON, Southern Luzon, Cavite-Batangas Areas, Northwestern Mindanao and Zamboanga-Basilan-Sulu territories. Smart Communications on the other hand dominates Metro Manila, Batangas-Mindoro areas, Central Visayas, Central Mindanao and Davao-Compostela boarders. Of the areas, Smart dominates those that covers major cities with huge populations, though Globe Telecom is not far behind. Worth noting as well is Globe's wider coverage location since 3 of the test sites were not covered by Smart as against 1 for Globe. Meanwhile, Sun Cellular is only significant in Metro Manila and nowhere else.

Somehow, I could attest to the authenticity of the result here in Northwestern Mindanao, Globe Telecom was really dominating here in all fronts, from signal strength to mobile internet speeds. By contrast, I could even hardly connect to Smart Telecom here when mobile browsing even in 3G covered areas.

Well, its about time I guess for both networks to work out in there upgrades because its now easy to check and track their mobile internet speeds. They should see this speed test as a challenge to fasten improvements and upgrades. On the other hand, for us consumers to grab this very opportunity to enjoy the best services we deserved. Choose the network that could give you the utmost advantage, we have the upper hand. 


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