Mar 11, 2013

The Mystery of Full Moon and my Nokia N8

It has been widely believed for centuries that full moon had an effect on human behavior, that somehow it influences attitude or modes one way or another depending on a person’s emotional state. To establish this point, studies had been conducted by several scientists relegating full moon to murders, homicides, suicides, heighten level of love, care and affection, among others. Skeptics on the other hand disagree, coming out with their own scientific studies debunking the myth, but in either way, the mystique of full moon will always shed a never-ending catechism and empathy in the vast space of human curiosity.

Meanwhile, famous film director, art show curator and writer Aaron Rose claimed that moonlight is a sculpture, well, I couldn’t agree more, somehow, the effect of the moon to me was art, bringing out my imaginative side. Though I have to agree that it’s not even near the artistic level of the world renowned but this behavior is very unusual in my part, coming out barely, every “once in a blue moon” they say?

Anyways, what happened was that I went out of the house to breathe some fresh night air, saw a beautiful full moon, got my Nokia N8 and walla!, images that came from nowhere. I have never taken or saw anything like these before so I find it very weird.

Convinced about the full moon gist now? I am. :D


sir magkano na earnings nio sa adsense??

Wag maingay hhinge balato yan, nyahaha joke...


walang kwenta and adsense na yan hehe!


hingi nalang kami nang balato sa yo :D

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