Mar 14, 2013

The Nokia Lumia 920 Chronicle: Preview

I’ve been giving hints on Twitter for the past 5 days about something “Big” coming and I am not just referring to any physical aspect but to a spectacular scenario as my dream phone, the Nokia Lumia 920, will find its way to me, sent from the cool people of Nokia Connects.

Well, I've trialled quite a few handsets, but just like the first time, anticipation and restlessness still consumes me every time a phone is in transit. :D To share this plight I thought of giving clues of what was coming, and it did, as people begin to ask questions, curious of the whole thing.

Anyways, the day came and it was magnetic, the phone just looks beautiful at a glance, the deep black screen and silvery icons and logo and the yellow colored side cover coat that complements the overall facade. Holding the phone up-close gives a classy, glossy and solid impression brought about by the uni-body design. I’ve been in love with this architecture ever since the Lumia 800, it feels so satisfying to hold. Hand fitness on the other hand was a bit wider to my liking, I could hardly reach the left side of the screen without extending my thumb. Maybe it needs a little time to get used to, will see.

Thickness, I have no complaint, my Nokia N8 is a third thicker. The phone actually feels thinner than it looks, brought about by the curve sides. Weight is a bit heavier though, but to my liking.

On the software side of things, the Windows Phone just gets better than ever with version 8. Its more fluid, had a better transition effects and it’s faster. The PureMotion HD+ works in wonders easily taking the top spot as the best screen I’ve seen so far. Its very clear to look at, natural and bright. I’m also enjoying the customizable live tiles and the speech to text feature.

Oh well, this will be all for now folks, this is just a preview, got a lot of exciting plans up ahead, detailing every aspect. Video run through, camera tests, battery tests, apps exploration, full review, these were just few of the stuffs I’m planning to do within the trial period. Watch this space. :D


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