Mar 20, 2013

The Nokia Lumia 920 Chronicle: Day 2, Ready, One, Two, Smile!

Day 1 was a combination of excitement, anxiousness and adjustments. Very much excited since I met the sexiest and the coolest smartphone on earth, anxious because it attracts so much attention and that the system being new needs a lot of adjustments.

Day 2 starts the phones official challenge as it will be flaunted, tried, examined and assessed by everyone. By coincidence, we have a scheduled general meeting for all staffs which I will preside and a birthday celebration of our beloved Medical Director by nightfall with more than 200 invited guests. The phone has a huge task ahead, will it thrived the way I expected it?

07:45 +8GMT, March 14, 2013

On my way to work with the Nokia Lumia 920 for the very first time, funny because I’m still not at ease with the phone attracting so much attention that is why I intend not to take it off my pocket while walking or commuting. Good thing though that Windows Phone had a Speech Recognition Service that allows calling and texting without touching the phone or even looking at it . With the provided headset attached to the phone, I can receive calls, listen to text messages and reply to it using my voice. I believe people in the street or my bus seatmate was baffled why I kept on saying read it, reply and ignore. :D

It was also the first time to try the phones music player with a Dolby Surround headphone. Well, it does sound good but I was expecting more. I suspect it needs tweaking somewhere but haven’t discovered it yet.

08:15 +8GMT, March 14, 2013

Arrived well and good, and after settling down, went out to show to everyone my new shinny phone. As I suspect, the phone got a wonderful feedback from my colleagues and even from iPhone users. Well, who wouldn’t be with its sleek and sexy design, huge PureMotion HD+ bright screen, smooth and fluid interface, graphic-rich transitions and effects, among others.

I also showed them a bit of it tricks like the Speech Recognition Service and their all sold out to it. Not everyone can afford the Lumia 920 so I told them that they could get a cheaper Lumia variant for as low PhP6,990, the Nokia Lumia 510, among the rest of the Lumia family of devices.

14:00 +8GMT, March 14, 2013

Started the meeting to all staffs with, of course, the Nokia Lumia 920 in tow. We do have a very important inspection coming up so the meeting was very crucial. Without being too obvious, I included in the agenda a picture taking to update our organizational chart so I can flaunt and test the imaging prowess of a PureView branded device. :D

Outdoor Shot

Indoor Shot
Organizational Chart ID Sample

Early thoughts on the imaging quality, it’s superior when it comes to outdoor shots but daytime indoors, well, the flash doesn’t seem activated in this condition making me preferred the Nokia N8 more. I haven’t done a direct comparison though, we’ll see.

17:00 +8GMT, March 14, 2013

Meeting and picture taking done as well as the battery of the phone. The last time I charged it was 22:00 last night, then used it further afterwards with several apps download and customization, so it was still good enough. After rushing to find a compatible charger, I learned that the phone doesn’t easily charge using other chargers. I’ve tried charging it with a charger from a Samsung Galaxy for about 20 minutes and via a USB port connected to PC but both failed to boot the phone up. As a result, I failed to flaunt it on the birthday party by nightfall. It should have gained more adulation from guests.

Tip: If you’re about to use the phone heavily, bring the phone’s charger with you. Do not allow the phone to totally drain before charging because it will take some time to boot up.

Tip: Download the Battery app of Enless Soft Ltd. This app will not only help you monitor the battery status of your phone and display its percentage on a live windows tile but will also provide users with shortcut access to phone services like WiFi, Bluetooth, Location, Mobile Network page to turn Data Connection on and off, and Flight Mode so you don’t need to open the settings menu and find each one every time you use them

22:00 +8GMT, March 14, 2013

Arrived home, charged the phone with the official charger and the phone boot up after 5 minutes, continue my apps download and customization then afterwards.

Tip: Download the Nokia Xpress browser. The browser provides quick links to websites, magazines, and saves pages via side swipes. Plus the fact that it has a compression technology that makes webpage download fast and overall browsing affordable. Best fit if you’re using Mobile Data in browsing.

Tip: Download the Weather Channel provides an attractive live tile and graphic full application page. It has a full screen interactive maps, hourly, 36 hour and 10 day forecasts, friend’s weather, and personalize weather alert.

Wrap Up

Day 2 was the most significant day for the phone, so far I have convinced several people to switch from a colleague who was planning to buy Galaxy Note 2; another who was an iPhone user tired of her phone; and several upgraders who I suggest to buy the Nokia Lumia 510 instead of disposable Cherry Mobile Android Phones. Though I have another colleague who won’t be swayed from buying an 808 PureView, can’t blame her, the phone is more superior when it comes to camera.

Worth noting as well is its indoor daytime camera performance, I don’t think it was able to outdo my Nokia N8 even with its PureView branding. But it’s just me though; my colleagues taught the images were great.

Second day with the phone and I’m liking it a lot. I’m continuously charmed by its beautiful design and Windows Phone 8’s fluid, graphic-rich and stable interface. Gone were the days when phone freezes, hangs or reboots without reason, the boring days of unresponsive icons in the Homescreen and lacklustre opening of apps. I am now living and enjoying a modern smartphone life with no less than the the most advance smartphone to date, how lucky is that?


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