Apr 7, 2013

The Nokia Lumia 920 Chronicle: Hero's Journey

A lot of business and tech experts considered Lumia 920 a Hero device for Nokia having created a very loud buzz in the mobilephone space when it was announced which in turn brought a lot sales for the company, running out of stocks everywhere and people lining on the street to grab one. It became a comeback vehicle for Nokia in the smartphone arena and jump started interest of developers on Windows Phone. Well, who wouldn't want to buy the phone with all its advance features and specs; the PureMotion HD+, the powerful camera with PureView and floating lens stabilization technology, extra sensitive capacitive screen, wireless charging, among others.

For a highly reputed Nokia "Hero" device, I thought of leveling it up with a significant blog feature, by digging to the whereabouts of the countries National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, during his exile in Dapitan City, Philippines.

For a little flashback, Dr. Jose Rizal was exiled here in Dapitan in 1892 for writing an anti-spanish, anti-catholic and anti-friar novels that help sparked the Philippine Revolution. While in exile, he had helped the local residents by offering free education to all children, created an waterworks and lightning system which was considered the most advance in the country that time, built an eye hospital that became famous across Asia with foreign patients coming as far as Europe, discovered three animal species, the Draco rizali – flying dragon, Apogonia rizali – small beetle and Rhacophorus rizali – rare frog, created famous sculptures like the Mother's Revenge, made famous poems and so much more. These were the reasons why he was highly honored by Dapitan preserving all his relics, work of arts and most importantly, his property, which is now also regarded a National Heritage site.

Dr. Jose Rizal had an exciting and colorful life, so without further ado, lets begin the journey and discover a Hero's past within another Hero's critically acclaimed camera lens.

Dr. Jose Rizal's Landing Site Monument

Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo - The novels and started it all.

Original Blackboard and Table of Rizal's built school. Chalk wasn't created yet this time around so he uses white stones from the beach to write something on the board while teaching.

Some of Rizal's sculptures

Some of the documented Girlfriends of Rizal. Yes, he is a womanizer! :)

A poem dediated to Josefina. Take note how the Nokia Lumia illuminates indoor images, amazing!

Casa Redonda (Replica of the Octagonal Clinic of Rizal). He is an Ophthalmologist with patients coming from all parts of the world. Josefina, wife of Rizal, was a stepdaughter of one of his patients from British Hong Kong. 

The Hospital Ward

Casa Residencia (Replica of Jose Rizal's House)

Casa Residencia Veranda

Case Residencia's Bedroom. My grandfather use to have a bed like this. It was given to my father and now being use by my uncle.

Casa Cuadrada. Pupils Dormitory and Workshop house.

Mi Retiro Rock (Rizal's Retreat Rock)

Beach beyond the Rock

Panorama Shot

Canto del Viajero (Song of the Traveler)

The Travelers End - On this bay, Jose Rizal left for the Capital. He supposed to proceed to Europe from Manila but held up by Spanish authority in Manila and executed in December 30, 1896


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