Apr 8, 2013

Nokia Trailers, Lumia Exclusive App For Upcoming Movies

Movies had been a big part of me, growing up, I'm always mesmerize by its capability to offer imaginative worlds beyond norm, limitless adventures and stories far reaching, and I'm still is, now, and forever may be, that is why I'm excited to find out about Nokia Trailers on my Nokia Lumia 920 trial device.

Its an application that integrates all movie trailers into one savvy and interactive user interface that users can only experience in Windows Phone system. Smooth transitions between menu and sub-menu pages; graphic effects all over; unparalleled community integration for users; these were just among the few best features of the app, not to mention the continuous streaming of videos conforming perfectly to the phone's video capability even in my low bandwidth internet connection.

I specifically mention the continuous streaming because I had never experience this before on my Symbian running Nokia N8 or on my Android capable tablet with the later performing worsts by uploading videos in HD via tablet's browser without the ability to changed preset options. Same story as well with other video trailer apps in Goggle Store.

Opening the app takes you to the Featured  where it highlights a certain film, currently featured is Oblivion, a futuristic post apocalyptic film that stars a Hollywood heavyweight, Tom Cruise. On the page, users can read a brief description of the film, its release date, director and so forth. For further info about the film and play its trailers, users can press the movie link taking them to individual film page where they can vote, play versions of the trailer via streaming or download them all for later viewing.

Individual Film Page

A swipe to the left in the Featured page, shows the Just Added film trailers while a swipe further to the left shows more Just Added page.

Another swipe to the left from the Just Added page is the Highlights, while a left swipe further is the Menu where it features films currently shown in the theaters, the coming soon's, the most popular among viewers, user's personal watchlist, downloaded movies, movie theaters nearby, among others. Users can also change the settings to preference.

Though most of these community integrated features is not locally available here the Philippines, the information's and flawless streaming it offers is unparalleled making it among the best in the Lumia exclusives.

A highly recommended app here for movie lovers!


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