Apr 13, 2013

The Nokia Lumia 920 Chronicle: Camera Battle with the Nokia N8

King over King, a royal battle of cameraphones right here, right now!

The Nokia N8 reigns supreme in the cameraphone space when it was introduced in 2010. It was pitted and challenged by all cameraphones from different manufacturer's and even by standalone camera's, but had proven its superiority over and over, not until the Nokia 808 PureView came into existence in 2012, overthrowing the N8 by mile with its 42MP lens and well improved optics which is dubbed the PureView technology.

The Nokia Lumia 920 on the other hand was also introduce in the late quarter of 2012 which had also a PureView technology, an 8.7MP camera lens and an advance features such as floating lens technology and low light enhancements, nominating the phone as the current ruler in the arena.

With the aforementioned informations, you already knew who the real winner is, the only purpose of this challenge then is to measure how good the Nokia Lumia 920 compared to the Nokia N8, how far or near is the phones performance compared to the later, among others.

Well, people see things differently, so I don't expect everyone to agree with mine.

Now, lets begin! (Nokia N8 image on left half, Nokia Lumia 920 on the right.)

Day Light Shots

Gumamela Up Close

The Cathedral

The Landscape

Low Light Shots

The Night Canvas

The Wall of Lights

Fantasy Land

As clear as the morning sky, the Nokia Lumia 920 had produced better pictures in daylight and a far significant low light images. If your going to look at the daylight images closely, you will see how crisp and clear the images of the Lumia 920 were compared to the Nokia N8 while its low light shots were far brighter and more polished. The N8 also tends to produce artificial colors to adjust to the scenes while the Lumia 920 makes use of the natural lights around to produce realistic colors.

Anyhow, the Nokia N8 had ruled the camerphone dominion for fairly two years without a cloud of doubt, the Nokia Lumia 920's legitimacy in the throne on the other hand is in question because of the Nokia 808 PureView. Legacy is the key!


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