May 5, 2013

Nokia Lumia Catwalk, Nokia Lumia 928 or Nokia EOS, Which one fits you best?

With the May 14, 2013 Nokia press event nearing, rumors at the moment were full blown with everyone guessing which device will be announced by then, will it be the Nokia Lumia Catwalk, the Nokia Lumia 928 or the Nokia EOS.

A billboard, a magazine page and a Lumia with Xenon flash being use in a concert came out in the wires but no matter how concrete these are as proofs, it will still remain a hearsay unless officially announced.

Among the aforementioned devices, I was more excited on the Nokia EOS being the most camera focused of them all. EOS or the Electro-Optical System is a common specs among DSLR cameras and for these technology to be ported on mobilephones would definitely disrupt both worlds blurring further the line that divides them.

The rumored Nokia Lumia Catwalk on the other hand is said to be focused more on innovating the outer shell hardware making it more thinner, tougher and stylish while the Nokia Lumia 928 according to the leaked billboard is being heralded with the best low light camera tag. I'm pretty sure both the Lumia Catwalk and 928 had the same daylight camera capability that of the Lumia 920 base on the leak images with the later having a more developed low light features.

Anyways, whatever it will be is a step forward for the mobilephone industry with me remaining at a far distant to write and dream about it just like any poor geek does.

9 more days! :)


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