Jun 3, 2013

Nokia 105, The Most Affordable Nokia Phone To Date Is Now In Stores

Nokia's bid to create another historic milestone in sales starts in the Philippines with the official release of Nokia 105, the most affordable feature-packed Nokia phone to date.

The Nokia 105 features a bright color screen with clear menus and essentials like FM radio; multiple alarm clocks; speaking clock; a dust and splash-proof, pillowed key pad; and a flashlight.

The difference between this this phone from the rest of its competitors in the entry level market, Nokia's durability that is built to last, the reliable and easy use user interface and its 35-day battery life. Try to use China made re-branded phones that uses low quality materials and it will only last the most, 6 months with battery faltering low within 3 months. The Nokia 105 is made of high quality materials and passes a rigid quality control check before being sold to consumers.

The Nokia 105 is available in black and cyan for a price of PhP990 at your favorite mobile shops and kiosks.


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