Jun 1, 2013

The Nokia Lumia 720 Journal Wrap Up: Beyond Compare, The 7-2-0 Reasons To Consider

Every beginning has an end, and every end awaits a new beginning, its high time for me ladies and gentlemen to conclude my Nokia Lumia 720 journal in grand, by citing the 7-2-0 reasons to consider in the mid-range Windows Phone 8 bludgeon from Nokia.

The 7 Deadly Advantages

1. The phone is no less than the best in the mid-range market in terms of design and built quality. Its undeniably attrative, classy and had the sealed quality of toughness that only Nokia can deliver. Nokia might have lost the top spot in the mobilephone space but the quality and built of their products have not wethered, it is as always, built to last.

2. Phone fits right in terms of size and dimension. You probably notice that everything is going lenghtier and wider in the smartphone world at the moment, a pointless charade having gone beyond the comforts of man. The purpose of technology was suppose to make life easier but whats hapenning is exactly the opposite, it made peoples lives mesirable by supersizing phone that cannot even be gripped in one hand or fit in the pocket. The Nokia Lumia 720 with its 4.3inch screen conforms perfectly in the hand that users can navigate and use the phone handily. For people to live a life less complicated would definitely makes this world a better place.

3. Unique smartphone experience with Windows Phone 8. You probably heared about the phrase “making the difference” among humanely inspired individuals, well in the smartphone world, the phrase applies to people who discovered Windows Phone and enjoying a huge difference out of it that transcends repetitive norm of just enhance systems that offers the same old tricks and features. Windows Phone is unique, vibrant, exciting and inspiriting.

4. Fluid and Smooth. One of the main blunders of manufacturers in creating a phone for the midrange market is the processor, the high speed quad core ones that brings a savvy user experience doesn’t fit in the picture being expensive and power hungry while low speed processors results to unresponsiveness and freezes, well, Nokia is among the few who doesn’t befell on the problem since Windows Phone operates fludily and smoothly even on a 1Ghz speed processors like that of the Nokia Lumia 720. Graphics transitions were smooth on the phone, opening of apps were fast, its moderately stable performance-wise and it doesn’t bleed power much compared to others. A knock of unparalled superiority in here.

5. A very capable camera with a flicker of innovations. 6.7MP Carl Zeiss lens main camera; HD 1.3MP wide angle front camera; f/1.9 aperture; BSI, Auto-Focus; HD 720p at 30fps, these were just a few of the camera features of the Nokia Lumia 720 capturing stunning pictures of both day and low light conditions. Its an innovation because these had never been seen before in the mid-range device setting a new standard in camera capability.

6. Exclusive and critically acclaimed apps and services to enjoy. Free online/offline turn by turn voice navigation via HERE Drive; informations, photos and reviews on top nearby places including walking guidance to chosen destination via HERE Maps; instant access to the best public transport with detailed overview of stations and stops, departure and arrival times, and estimations on your walking times via HERE Transit; photo editing software at its best for mobile devices via Creative Studio and Smart Shot; holywood quality special effects creating application with Cinemargraph; and so much more. With the Nokia Lumia 720, you’lll never run out of high quality mobilephone apps to enjoy on your devices with more and more titles added to the elite list. Need I have to mention that Nokia offers the best aftersales services in the industry?

7. Altruistic capability and price. The Nokia Lumia 720 is all about users getting the most of the best smartphone functionality at a reasonable price. Built quality was not compromise, the specs, features and all. Humane, I would say in the truest sense.

The 2 Remarkable Drawbacks

1. Missing Apps and Features. Not that there was an operating system with perfect number of apps or had the most ideal features , but it would really be best if Nokia Lumia 720 users could enjoy everything a Nokia Lumia 920 is capable of downloading, or an Android or iPhone can install in their phones. Worst, the phone doesn’t even have some of the Nokia exclusive apps like Nokia Music or Nokia Xpress Browser. In terms of features, Windows Phone is definitely not perfect, for instance, it was my first time to pay a thousand pesos more on data because the phone had no feature to show current used data or set data caps unlike Symbian. Also, automatic sync of files to SkyDrive is a pain since it eats data like their is no tomorrow. Rumor has it though that the Windows Phone Amber update had fairly address the problem, these remains to be seen.

2. Inferior screen quality. The Nokia Lumia 720 had an IPS LCD screen with ClearBlack technology, sounds advance enough but its noticeably grainy and pixelated with an apalling color intensity. Well, maybe because I’m just used to good screen quality like the AMOLED of my Nokia N8 or to my recently trialed Nokia Lumia 920 with PureMotion HD+, but really, screen quality is very improtant for me because it’s the main window to the world beneath the great functionalities of the phone. I get distracted by the grainy lines created by the low pixel density. This was just me though and my peculiar eye, for sure,the phone compared to its counterparts in the mid-tier range is still superior on this aspect.

The 0 Detestable Excuse

No reason that is for anyone not to buy this phone if they are looking for a very capable mid-teir device. Not only that its the best there is in terms of built and construction; the overall system, features and side applications were excpetional in their own way. The phone is a perfect blend of all necessary smartphone elements, beyond illusion, beyond dreams, beyond glimpse and beyond compare.

And so there you go ladies and gentlemen, the 7-2-0 reason to consider in buying the Nokia Lumia 720, the last part of my journal. It has been a wonderful and fun experience for me, hopefully it was able to help you in any way as designed.

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