Jun 11, 2013

Nokia Lumia 920 Sold Out In Smart Telecom

Only a few days after Smart Telecom officially post the availability of the Nokia Lumia 920, its now tagged sold out online, a scenario very much similar worldwide, few days after its initial release.

Well, the mesmeric appeal of the phone cannot be denied, not only that it became the gadget of the year among the critic's circle and tech sites, its also currently the highest selling Windows Phone device to date, but besides, I'm still surprise given the fact that Nokia already announced another flagship, the Nokia Lumia 925 with the Nokia EOS looming in the horizon.

Smart have not release the official count yet as to the number of units sold but according to my reliable source, its a sizable number given the long reservation lists. Another batch is coming for the next two weeks so better go to the nearest Smart Store to reserved yours. Its in first come, first serve basis.

CLICK HERE for the full matrix of Smart Telecom's Nokia Lumia 920 postpaid package.


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