Jun 27, 2013

Nokia's 41 Million Reasons?

A lot of tech writers and bloggers called the July 11th New York event the grand launch of a Nokia Windows Phone with 41MP camera and PureView technology, well, it could be true in one sense with the successive leaks going around the web about a certain Nokia 1020 dubbed "EOS", but it could also be more than just the phone, it could be so much bigger.

For instance, it could be the official announcement of the sale of 41 millionth Nokia Windows Phone device, or the official announcement of Microsoft buying the entire company for 41 billion dollars, who knows. Their have been talks lately about Huawie's interest on the company or Microsoft's undying bid which is good by the way business-wise for the Redmond base company.

It could also be that Nokia is giving away 41millions Nokia EOS phones for FREE including mine in my wildest dreams, but true or not, I'm itching for it to become my next upgrade to my beloved Nokia N8 with a consideration of course as to how impressive it is and how mature Windows Phone had become. If it will fail, I might just go for the Nokia 808 PureView instead with a bitch slap to Microsoft. Symbian might be dying but it still have quite a number of the features I want in a mobilephone.

Anyways, I hope Microsoft could deliver whats expected since I'm fully sold out to the leaked hardware specs of the Nokia EOS so far. 14 days more to go!


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